H.O.'s Thunder Dash

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H.O.'s Thunder Dash

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN85536709
Owner(s) M Jones


GSP Club of Utah2010-04-23 OAA 1 10Bryan GinesHarold Chadwick
GSP Club of Utah2008-10-11 OGD 4 15Harold ChadwickVictor Funk
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2007-02-17 OLGD 4 13Kita MorrisLinda Sanders
GSP Club of Utah2003-04-11 OD 2 14Robin SitarArthur Cox
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2003-01-25 OD 3 6Ellis HerzBill Landress
GSP Club of Reno2002-10-26 AWP 3 7Thomas QuesnellCindy Smullen
GSP Club of Reno2002-10-26 OD 1 12Thomas QuesnellSagran V
GSP Club of Utah2002-09-28 OP 1 5Hal ChristensenTom Dangerfield