FC AFC Sin City Slick Nickle

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FC AFC Sin City Slick Nickle

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN86035701
Owner(s) M Davis


Lansing GSP Club2010-05-07 OGD 4 16Kent MerrymanDuane Yoder
GSP Club of Michigan2008-05-10 AAA 3 12David SzostJim Wallace
Lansing GSP Club2008-05-02 OAA 3 14Diane VaterChuck Cooper
Fort Detroit GWP Club2007-11-10 OLGD 3 10Barry PetersonRon Auten
Lansing GSP Club2005-10-15 AGD 1 18Marc McKinleyKevin Byrne
GSP Club of Ohio2005-10-08 OLGD 2 14Charles BrownJim Wallace
GSP Club of Ohio2005-04-16 AGD 1 25Jack AlexanderJohn Potter
GSP Club of Ohio2005-04-16 OLGD 1 15Tom OswaldJay Schnackel
Fort Detroit GWP Club2005-04-09 OGD 1 22James BakerMike Braddock
GSP Club of Michigan2004-05-08 AGD 2 19David SzostJames Baker
Fort Detroit GWP Club2003-11-08 AGD 1 8Barry PetersonMike Braddock
Lansing GSP Club2003-10-11 AGD 2 15Ronald ShcultzKevin Byrne
GSP Club of Ohio2003-10-03 OGD 1 19Lou J PintoRichard Pristov
Lansing GSP Club2003-05-03 OD 2 16Joel DavidsonJohn Potter
GSP Club of Ohio2003-04-11 OD 1 18Marc McKinleyRichard Barnes
Fort Detroit GWP Club2002-11-09 OP 4 7John SchoonoverRon Yospur
Lansing GSP Club2002-10-12 OP 2 13Mike AdamsPerry Williamson