FC AFC Pvk's Heart Of America "Ric"

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FC AFC Pvk's Heart Of America "Ric"

AKC Number SN86211101
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) B Tanner/P Tanner
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San Joaquin GSP Club2008-03-07 AGD 3 20Robert SmithTerri Baszak
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2007-11-29 AGD 3 19Frank MuterspawGayle Moynier
GSP Club of California2007-03-17 AGD 2 21Michael VazLinda Azevedo
Sacramento Valley Weimaraner Club2007-02-17 ALGD 4 19R J MarguartKaren Holmes
Southern Arizona GSP Club2007-01-25 AGD 3 34Bill RootAlan Maher
Vizsla Club of Southern California2007-01-11 AGD 3 25Greg KnightSteve Cosgrave
GSP Club of California2006-09-30 AGD 1 15Hal MeyerEllis Herz
GSP Club of Central California, Inc.2006-05-12 OGD 3 21Frank FernandezBrian Riggle
GSP Club of California2006-03-18 AGD 3 20Genaro VargasLeslie Vargas
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2006-02-04 AGD 2 20Willie Stevens JRJim Searles
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2005-09-24 OLGD 1 33Genaro VargasShane Pinkard
Sacramento Valley Weimaraner Club2005-09-17 OLGD 3 25Doug StocksLou Tonelli
GSP Club of Reno2005-05-07 AGD 4 8Willie Stevens JRRonald Dunagan
GSP Club of Reno2005-05-07 OGD 4 16Ronald DunaganJerry Falkenstein
High Sierra GSP Club2005-03-25 AGD 4 20Harry BeckGreg Anderson
High Sierra GSP Club2005-03-25 OGD 3 19Doug StocksGreg Anderson
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2004-11-26 AGD 2 17Trena CardwellJon Morton
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2004-11-26 OGD 4 26Robert StraightLeif Lendrop
Sutter Buttes GSP Club2004-11-12 OLGD 4 8Harry BeckLou Tonelli
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2004-10-29 ALGD 1 12Ed Goulart Jr.Ross Nott
GSP Club of Reno2004-10-23 OGD 1 17Genaro VargasSandy Miller
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2004-10-01 OGD 2 33Lou TonelliGreg Anderson
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2004-09-18 OLGD 4 28Don PoolTony Vandenberg
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2003-11-28 AGD 4 25Willie Stevens JRRussell Boyd


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