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Outdoors Reno

AKC Number SN86321501
Breed Weimaraner
Owner(s) G Handen/S Hansen
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Weimaraner Club of America2009-02-26 OAA 4 11Ellis HerzGreg Knight
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2009-01-24 OGD 2 14John CushingLouis D'Alessandro
South Plains Pointer Club2008-11-21 OGD 2 14Frank FosterRonnie Sale
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2008-11-01 OGD 4 15Robert BraleyLouis D'Alessandro
Southland Weimaraner Club2008-10-25 OAA 3 9Craig LewisMyron Meifert
Southland Weimaraner Club2008-02-01 OGD 2 18Karen NelsenRoss Nott
Southland Weimaraner Club2008-02-01 OLGD 3 10Russ SettellPhilip Letzo
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2008-01-26 OGD 2 14Louis D'AlessandroRoss Nott
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2008-01-26 OLGD 2 4Louis D'AlessandroRoss Nott
South Plains Pointer Club2007-11-16 OLGD 4 9Raymond WhatleyRon Hudson
South Plains Pointer Club2007-11-16 OGD 2 13Frank FosterBecky Foster
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2007-02-10 OGD 2 16Michael VazRoss Nott
Southland Weimaraner Club2007-02-03 OAA 1 4Russ SettellRobert Fortenberry
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2007-01-27 OGD 1 16Karla WeberLouis D'Alessandro
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2007-01-27 OAA 1 5Russ SettellRussell Boyd
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2006-02-11 OGD 4 14Linda AzevedoKimberlee Ramage
Southland Weimaraner Club2006-02-03 OGD 2 8Bryan RiceJohn Vincze
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2006-01-28 OGD 4 10Genaro VargasPennie Peterson
South Plains Pointer Club2005-11-18 OGD 3 18Frank FosterBecky Foster
Southland Weimaraner Club2005-10-29 OGD 4 18Elden BouchieLouis D'Alessandro
Sacramento Valley Weimaraner Club2004-09-11 OGD 2 13John DevereHarry Beck
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2003-02-08 OD 2 10Ellis HerzDon Pool
Southland Weimaraner Club2003-02-01 OD 3 13Darrel BrownNicole Hanzel
Southern San Joaquin Valley Brittany Club2002-10-26 OP 4 7Kathy MarsdenGlen Marsden
Southland Weimaraner Club2002-10-05 OP 1 5Darlene R AnthonyRussell Boyd
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2002-09-28 OP 2 4Craig LewisDarlene R Anthony
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2002-09-21 OP 2 10David GouldRoss Nott


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