DC AFC Tj's Single Shot Of Scipio

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DC AFC Tj's Single Shot Of Scipio

AKC Number SN86811701
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) M Horstmeyer/T White
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Call Name    Emme   (see home page)
Sire     NFC DC AFC Tequila's Joker
Dam     NFC DC AFC Micro Chips Of Nutmeg


Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2011-01-11 ALAA 1 14Charles RoseHank Hartnek
American Brittany Club, Inc.2010-11-22 NAFC 3 47Stan WilliamsonM Aldrich
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2010-04-17 OAA 1 18Mark ShearmanLawrence Sandusky
Northern California Brittany Club2010-03-26 OAA 2 20James RiceBryan Rice
Sierra View Brittany Club2010-02-26 OAA 3 17Edward MayhewJim House
American Brittany Club, Inc.2010-01-27 OLAA 4 18Nick NickolEllis Herz
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2010-01-05 ALAA 1 14Sal SatallanteGeorge Musser
Sahuaro Brittany Club2010-01-02 OAA 2 32Tom PescodLee Holsinger
American Brittany Club, Inc.2009-11-30 NFC 4 57John KlineJames E Cohen
American Brittany Club, Inc.2009-11-23 NAFC 2 54Stan WilliamsonGreg Dixon
California Brittany Club2009-10-30 OAA 2 19John CushingBruce Hale
Northern California Brittany Club2009-10-02 AAA 3 15James RiceBryan Rice
Idaho Brittany Club2009-09-26 AAA 1 8Marilynne LittleFrank Bright
Idaho Brittany Club2009-04-25 OAA 4 26Mark ShearmanJune McConnell
American Brittany Club, Inc.2009-04-21 OLAA 2 14Dennis LeisDan Hoke
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2009-04-18 OAA 1 15Mark ShearmanRobert Showalter
Oregon Brittany Club2009-04-04 OAA 3 22John HendersonLawrence Sandusky
Oregon Brittany Club2009-04-04 OLGD 2 24Terry DuffinMarilynne Little
Northern California Brittany Club2009-03-27 AAA 1 13Robert WireGerald Barron
Sierra View Brittany Club2009-03-22 OAA 2 22Carl BabbGreg Anderson
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2009-01-17 AAA 4 14David Mc CormickDavid Bills
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2009-01-06 ALAA 2 20Bill GibbonsHank Hartnek
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2009-01-06 OLAA 1 20Bill GibbonsSal Satallante
Sahuaro Brittany Club2009-01-02 AAA 3 22Terry ChandlerDavid Higgins
American Brittany Club, Inc.2008-12-01 NFC 3 65Howard BurbachRay Calkins
California Brittany Club2008-11-01 OAA 4 17Greg KnightEdward Dixon
Northern California Brittany Club2008-10-03 AAA 2 15Wayne DownBill Landress
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2008-09-12 OAA 1 18Mark ShearmanRonald Marquart
Oregon Brittany Club2008-08-30 AAA 3 14Lawrence SanduskyDaniel Green
California Brittany Club2007-11-03 AAA 1 15John CushingTerry Erickson
California Brittany Club2007-11-03 OAA 3 19Russ SettellEllis Hallmark
Northern California Brittany Club2007-10-06 AAA 3 14Kita MorrisWillie Stevens JR
Northern California Brittany Club2007-10-06 OAA 1 17Nick NickolBill Landress
Idaho Brittany Club2007-09-29 AAA 1 15Steve BallJoe Waitman
Inland Empire Brittany Club2007-09-22 AAA 1 20Dennis LeisDave Roe
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2007-09-15 OAA 1 20Clem LittleMarilynne Little
Idaho Brittany Club2007-04-28 AAA 3 14Patti Van De CoeveringLawrence Sandusky
Idaho Brittany Club2007-04-28 OLAA 2 23June McConnellRobert Showalter
American Brittany Club, Inc.2007-04-24 OLAA 4 25Tom MilamFrank Bright
Whid Isle Brittany Club2007-04-14 OAA 4 14Mark ShearmanEd Sitar
Northern California Brittany Club2007-03-31 OAA 3 17Karen NelsenNeveta Salmons
Sierra View Brittany Club2007-02-10 OAA 2 9Raymond NelsonBill Landress
Sierra View Brittany Club2007-02-10 AAA 1 8Raymond NelsonBill Landress
High Desert Brittany2007-02-03 AAA 4 13Marc RittnerDale Shores
High Desert Brittany2007-02-03 OAA 3 13Marc RittnerSteve Cosgrave
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2007-01-27 AAA 2 14Genaro VargasLeslie Vargas
California Brittany Club2007-01-20 OAA 1 21Genaro VargasTerry Erickson
American Brittany Club, Inc.2006-11-27 OLAA 2 49Jimmy WhiteTom Honecker
California Brittany Club2006-10-28 AAA 1 14Craig LewisGreg Knight
California Brittany Club2006-10-28 OAA 3 13Craig LewisGreg Knight
Northern California Brittany Club2006-09-23 OAA 1 13Nick NickolDave Wickens
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2006-02-03 OAA 3 14Greg KnightNicole Hanzel
American Brittany Club, Inc.2006-01-18 OLAA 3 24Paul KatzelRoger Borine
High Desert Brittany2005-11-12 AAA 2 8Chris BrighamBrian Riggle
California Brittany Club2005-11-05 AAA 1 8Terry EricksonBruce Hale
California Brittany Club2005-11-05 OAA 1 13Terry EricksonBruce Hale
Northern California Brittany Club2005-09-24 AAA 3 13Robert WireGeorge Prummer
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2005-05-07 AAA 2 14Gene DrakeBrian Riggle
Idaho Brittany Club2005-04-22 AAA 3 20Roger BorineJack Cafferty
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2005-04-12 OAA 4 27Mark ShearmanDennis Leis
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2005-04-12 OLAA 3 22Frank BrightD Ljungren
Whid Isle Brittany Club2005-04-08 AAA 2 16Mark ShearmanWilliam Vye
Inland Empire Brittany Club2005-04-02 AAA 2 11Mark ShearmanHal Engel
Northern California Brittany Club2005-03-25 OAA 2 16Bob TraversRobert Wire
Northern California Brittany Club2005-03-25 AAA 2 14Robert WireGeorge Prummer
Sierra View Brittany Club2005-02-12 OAA 2 13Bill LandressKimberlee Ramage
California Brittany Club2005-02-04 AAA 2 13John CushingTerry Erickson
California Brittany Club2005-02-04 OAA 1 14Terry EricksonJames Rice
High Desert Brittany2005-01-26 OAA 1 20Marc RittnerEdward Dixon
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2005-01-22 AAA 2 14Linda LangfordGreg Knight
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2005-01-22 OAA 2 16Greg KnightLynda Evans
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2005-01-12 AAA 3 14Gene WullkotteArnulfo Tovar
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2005-01-12 OAA 1 29Gene WullkotteArnulfo Tovar
Sahuaro Brittany Club2005-01-08 AAA 2 18Arnulfo TovarBill Landress
High Desert Brittany2004-11-06 AAA 2 13Roy TerryEdward Mayhew
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2004-10-09 AAA 1 15Steve CosgraveDave W Walker
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2004-10-09 OAA 2 18Leif LendropJerry Falkenstein
Northern California Brittany Club2004-09-30 OAA 1 13Hank HartnekRich Strumpf
Northern California Brittany Club2004-09-30 AAA 1 13Bob TraversKimberlee Ramage
Idaho Brittany Club2004-09-25 AAA 3 6Marilynne LittleRoger Borine
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2004-09-17 OAA 3 8Joe WaitmanRoger Borine
Whid Isle Brittany Club2004-04-10 OAA 1 19Rick AxtellDanny Mar
Central California Brittany Club2004-02-28 OAA 3 18Jim AbsmeierBob Travers
American Brittany Club, Inc.2004-01-28 OLAA 2 19William AckermanEd Tillson
California Brittany Club2004-01-24 OLGD 2 16Marilynne LittleDavid Gould
High Desert Brittany2003-11-08 AAA 3 13Marc RittnerEdward Mayhew
High Desert Brittany2003-11-08 OAA 1 17Marc RittnerEdward Mayhew
California Brittany Club2003-11-01 AAA 3 14Robert BraleyEdward Dixon
Central California Brittany Club2003-10-18 AGD 1 13David GouldRoy Smith
Central California Brittany Club2003-10-18 OGD 1 23Allean AshtonCharles Lundy
Central California Brittany Club2003-10-18 OAA 3 13Hal EngelRoy Smith
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2003-10-11 AGD 3 14Sagran VCharles Lundy
Northern California Brittany Club2003-09-20 OGD 1 20Michael VazTom Gross
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2003-08-16 AAA 3 13Scott JohnsonKevin Stonehouse
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2003-04-12 OD 1 13Scott CarstairsBob Travers
Oregon Brittany Club2003-03-22 OD 2 15Ray CalkinsJohn Henderson
Whid Isle Brittany Club2003-03-15 OD 1 16Calvin PalmerRobert Travis
Golden Empire Brittany Club2003-02-15 OD 1 16Karla WeberTom Gross
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2003-01-18 OD 2 11Linda LangfordBill Landress
Sahuaro Brittany Club2003-01-03 OD 1 18Linda LangfordBill Landress
High Desert Brittany2002-11-09 OD 2 9Norman AhlTerry Ahl
California Brittany Club2002-11-02 OD 1 9Pennie PetersonJerry Rosenberg
Southern San Joaquin Valley Brittany Club2002-10-26 OD 3 7Wayne DownRoy Terry
Central California Brittany Club2002-10-19 OD 1 12Wayne DownBob Travers
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2002-10-09 OD 3 11Scott CarstairsKimberlee Ramage
Idaho Brittany Club2002-09-28 OD 2 16Dennis LeisJoe Waitman
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2002-04-13 OP 3 13Craig LewisScott Carstairs
Central California Brittany Club2002-03-02 OP 1 7Edward MayhewKimberlee Ramage
Sierra View Brittany Club2002-02-09 OP 4 9Leroy E GreenKimberlee Ramage
California Brittany Club2002-02-02 OP 3 10Daisy SchapheerTom Hansen
High Desert Brittany2002-01-26 OP 3 8Lyle ChristiansenGordon Hansen
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2002-01-19 OP 4 8Gordon HansenKarla Weber
Sahuaro Brittany Club2002-01-05 OP 2 4Edward D'ArcySue D'Arcy


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