R&R Spirit Of Texas

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R&R Spirit Of Texas

AKC Number SN87816402
Owner(s) R Helton/R Helton


Texas Coastal Brittany Club2003-11-07 OD 1 4Gordon TheilenWayne Carter
Sooner Brittany Club2003-10-31 OD 2 8Sue D'ArcyBill Sapp
Northern Oklahoma Brittany Club2003-10-03 OD 3 12Claude KilpatrickJim Crawford
Northern Oklahoma Brittany Club2003-02-07 OP 2 4Claudia TruksaStan Truksa
Fort Worth Brittany Club2003-01-24 OD 3 9Allison B BrownGrant Stanfill
Sooner Brittany Club2002-11-01 OP 4 8Jeff DitterDavid Downing
Bluebonnet Brittany Club (f/k/a Waco Bluebonnet)2002-09-27 OP 2 15Jeff DitterRobin Z Baker