DC AFC Up N'Adam's Case In Point

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DC AFC Up N'Adam's Case In Point

AKC Number SN89723804
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) K Tazza/T Tazza
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Central New England Brittany Club2008-09-20 OAA 1 15Bill GormanDennis Harkcom
Hudson Valley GSP Club2008-09-12 OAA 3 25Richard MurphyTania Lewandowski
Pointer Associates of New England2008-05-30 OLGD 2 24Tom MercierMichael Ernest
Hudson Valley GSP Club2008-04-25 ALGD 3 7Allen WelchMichelle Sala
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2008-04-18 ALGD 1 13Richard GariniMichael Ernest
Nutmeg GSP Club2008-04-04 AGD 1 14Dennis DuguayMichelle Sala
Delaware Valley GWP Club2007-12-01 AGD 3 13Jerold SwartzJoe Amatulli
Nutmeg GSP Club2007-11-09 ALGD 3 16Leslie HuntMichelle Sala
Hudson Valley GSP Club2007-09-29 AGD 3 14Tom MercierJoe Amatulli
Hudson Valley GSP Club2007-09-29 ALGD 3 15Tom MercierAllen Welch
Long Island GSP Club2007-03-10 AGD 2 13Brian MaloneySteve Wells
Long Island GSP Club2007-03-10 ALGD 1 10Brian MaloneySteve Wells
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2007-02-24 AGD 4 24Tom MarkeeGus Allimonos
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2007-02-24 ALGD 1 9Gus AllimonosCharles Kissinger
Hudson Valley GSP Club2006-11-18 ALGD 4 14Jeff GrayAllen Welch
Nutmeg GSP Club2006-11-10 ALGD 3 14Ray GormanLeslie Hunt
Pointer Associates of New England2006-06-02 AGD 2 17John MalonePatrick Cooke
Pointer Associates of New England2006-06-02 ALGD 3 20John MaloneKeith Madden
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2006-05-06 OLGD 3 20Richard GariniTony Smid
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2006-04-21 OGD 1 22Al LucasBill Felins
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2006-04-21 OLGD 4 21Richard GariniTony Smid
Vizsla Club of Greater New York2006-04-15 OGD 4 25Ray BowmanGreg Ritchings
Hudson Valley GSP Club2006-03-18 OGD 1 18Calvin WelchTania Lewandowski
Hudson Valley GSP Club2006-03-18 OLGD 3 14Jeffrey DroginKeith Madden
Hudson Valley GSP Club2006-03-18 AGD 4 17Tom MercierMichael Ernest
Nutmeg GSP Club2005-11-12 AGD 4 18Mike MullineauxJoan Heimbach
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2005-10-07 OGD 4 13Jack FlynnEdward Kerr
Hudson Valley GSP Club2005-04-02 AGD 3 15Jeffrey DroginCalvin Welch
Hudson Valley GSP Club2004-10-30 AGD 1 16Ronnie ClarkSteve Fasano
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2004-10-01 AGD 3 19Greg NicholsonWayne Scubelek
Hudson Valley GSP Club2003-11-01 AWD 4 6Tom MercierJohn Molle
Hudson Valley GSP Club2003-11-01 OD 4 12Tom MercierJames Blaschke
Pointer Associates of New England2003-09-27 OD 3 10Leslie HuntAllen Welch
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2003-05-03 OP 2 11Gwynne G. McDevittScott Blair
Hudson Valley GSP Club2003-04-18 AWP 2 9Jeff GrayDebra Freidus
Hudson Valley GSP Club2003-04-18 OP 2 11Tom MercierBill Gorman
Hudson Valley GSP Club2003-04-18 OD 4 13Mitchell SwierczynskiJoe Amatulli
Nutmeg GSP Club2003-04-05 AWD 3 6Tom MercierVirginia Pratt
Nutmeg GSP Club2002-11-08 AWP 3 4Lucille JardinRichard Jardin
Nutmeg GSP Club2002-11-08 OP 2 4Jeff HolmesDennis Duguay
Hudson Valley GSP Club2002-11-02 AWP 4 6Leslie HuntThomas George
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2002-09-28 OP 4 4James D'AmicoPatrick Cooke


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