FC Texas Cassino's Mad Cash

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FC Texas Cassino's Mad Cash

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN90554910
Owner(s) K Bomer/T Bomer


GSP Club of San Antonio2008-01-26 AGD 1 15Ora Beth McMullenBonnie Porter
Sunflower GSP Club2007-10-12 AGD 4 28Terry GowinRoy Oeser
Sunflower GSP Club2007-03-23 AGD 1 16Peter WilkinGerald Easum
Lone Star GSP Club2006-02-03 OGD 1 26Robert CreaneyAndy Gerdes
Irish Setter Club of San Antonio, Inc.2006-01-14 AGD 1 18Timothy HidalgoJaneen Schneider
Irish Setter Club of San Antonio, Inc.2006-01-14 OGD 3 28Gene MoseleyRon Hudson
GSP Club of San Antonio2005-12-10 AGD 2 13Bonnie PorterRene Ramirez
Alamo Brittany Club2005-12-03 AGD 1 18Eric R SailorsDave Vogelsang
Gulf Coast GSP Club2004-02-14 OD 1 17Terry KrommenhoekRon Hudson
GSP Club of America2004-01-13 OD 3 10Jerry JordanJim Yates
GSP Club of San Antonio2003-12-13 OD 1 18James Baker 3Steve A Lithgow
Alamo Brittany Club2003-12-06 OD 3 16Thomas NegreteJose Andy Gomez
Lone Star GSP Club2003-10-31 OD 1 29Ben KuykendallGrant Stanfill
South Plains Pointer Club2003-04-12 OP 3 12Blake BiggsBuddy Moore
Lone Star GSP Club2003-03-22 OP 4 12Chad BaumWill Barbee
Texas Gulf Coast Vizsla Club2003-02-28 OD 4 14Mark SmithRon Metz
Lone Star GSP Club2003-02-21 OD 4 17Dave VogelsangJames Messer
Gulf Coast GSP Club2003-02-15 OD 2 19Joe HanzelPhillip Rosenberg
GSP Club of San Antonio2003-02-07 OP 4 23Grant StanfillJames Wortman
Alamo Brittany Club2002-12-07 OP 4 14Richard CastillonRon Hudson
Gulf Coast GSP Club2002-11-09 OP 3 6Scott BodenstabRichie Rogers
Gulf Coast GSP Club2002-11-09 OD 3 15Chad BaumBlake Biggs
Lone Star GSP Club2002-11-02 OP 4 12Charles ClineWill Barbee
Sunflower GSP Club2002-10-11 AWP 4 12Herbert ReaLawrence Howland