NGDC FC AFC Bj's Blaz'n Daisy

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NGDC FC AFC Bj's Blaz'n Daisy

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SN90914605
Owner(s) D McCallister


Buckeye Brittany Club2012-03-10 AGD 3 14Kathy GulemboRon Gulembo
Kentucky Brittany Club2011-10-08 OGD 2 20Chad SloneDennis Mcclary
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2009-09-19 OGD 3 25Jim JohnsonD Riedl
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2009-09-12 AAA 3 19Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2009-05-13 AAA 2 29Barry PetersonWilliam Wendt
Music City Brittany Club2008-11-12 AGD 2 21Paul PollockLisa Pollock
Music City Brittany Club2008-11-12 OGD 3 40Vic WilliamsBill Haynes
American Brittany Club, Inc.2008-10-21 NGDC 1 44John KlineJohn Hott
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2008-10-18 OGD 2 18Frank WattersStephen Tubach
Susquehanna Brittany Club, Inc.2008-10-03 OGD 2 31Louis PalazzoloStephen Boyer
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2008-05-03 AGD 3 27Kenneth FisherBill Haynes
Niagara Frontier Brittany Club2008-04-12 AGD 4 22Helen Rogers-RiggleClifford Mesnard II
Buckeye Brittany Club2008-03-01 OGD 3 19Dan TenagliaLisa Miller
Music City Brittany Club2007-11-14 AGD 1 13Bill HaynesB Burus
Ohio Brittany Club, Inc.2006-09-30 AGD 3 13Cecil MillsBill Monk
Niagara Frontier Brittany Club2006-09-16 AGD 1 24Ronald Harling SRHelen Rogers-Riggle
Niagara Frontier Brittany Club2006-09-16 OGD 1 26Jeffrey CurrierClifford Mesnard II
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2006-05-06 AGD 4 25Brian HendricksonChristopher Rider
Mid Florida Brittany Club2006-02-03 OGD 2 11Jessie RuelaMarti Fontenot
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2005-10-21 OGD 3 19Lane HempfieldDee Hempfield
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2005-10-21 OLGD 4 13Greg SackettRonald Lisius
Kentucky Brittany Club2005-10-06 AGD 4 21Don WhittingtonDavid Medford
Weimaraner Club of the Washington DC Area2003-11-08 OD 1 12Steve RollysonJames Aylward
Hoosier Brittany Club2003-10-25 OD 3 10Kent MerrymanSherri Merryman
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2003-10-17 OD 2 18Art CohenFrank Morrisey
Kentucky Brittany Club2003-10-02 OD 4 15Dave KayserStephen Salt
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2003-05-03 OP 3 13Steve LauterbachRobert Anders
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2002-10-18 OP 4 11James SkorikBill Haynes