Valley Hunter's Full Monty

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Valley Hunter's Full Monty

AKC Number SN91730002
Owner(s) Pam Stuart


Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2012-02-17 AGD 1 8Teresa GimbutJan Erbe
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2011-04-01 OLGD 4 9Carl ChecklickBob Erbe
Tomoka Woods Pointing Breed Dog Club of Florida2011-02-05 AGD 2 4Jessie RuelaJoe Ruela
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2010-12-03 OGD 4 15Carl ChecklickJay L Hallaron
Mid Florida Brittany Club2010-02-27 OGD 4 9William AbbeyDenise Abbey
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2009-03-27 AGD 4 20Jan ErbeTania Campbell
Tomoka Woods Pointing Breed Dog Club of Florida2009-01-31 ALGD 1 9Jean MatmorRoderick Gonzalez
Tomoka Woods Pointing Breed Dog Club of Florida2009-01-31 OGD 2 14Jim HinesMarti Fontenot
Central Florida GSP Club2008-12-19 AGD 4 10Mike MartinWilliam Bhame
Central Florida GSP Club2008-12-19 ALGD 3 9Sara KingMike Martin
Mid Florida Brittany Club2008-10-10 OGD 4 11Leonard HuttoWilliam Bhame
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2008-03-28 AGD 4 11Marti FontenotWilliam Fazio
Mid Florida Brittany Club2008-03-21 AGD 3 14Gary SeybertDon Bonnice
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2008-02-15 AGD 3 13William AbbeyMichael Endersbee
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2008-02-15 OLGD 4 6Carl ChecklickDiane Fazio
South Louisiana Vizsla Club2008-02-01 AGD 4 11Laura BaumanRodney Albin
South Louisiana Vizsla Club2008-02-01 OLGD 4 7Laura BaumanPaul Hermes
North Florida GSP Club2008-01-19 ALGD 4 8Roy SampleyGino Dicanio
North Florida GSP Club2008-01-19 OGD 2 6Judy HamiltonGino Dicanio
Central Florida GSP Club2007-12-14 AGD 3 13Albert AllenMike Martin
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2007-11-30 AGD 4 18Bob ErbeWilliam Bhame
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2007-11-30 OGD 3 9John EckerWilliam Bhame
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2007-11-30 OLGD 3 9Bob ErbeDenise Abbey
Central Florida GSP Club2007-11-03 AGD 3 13Cynthia HiblerLisa Durham
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2007-03-30 AGD 3 13William AbbeyDenise Abbey
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2007-02-17 ALGD 3 8Lisa DurhamJim Hines
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2007-02-17 OGD 3 14Al LucasLisa Durham
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2007-02-17 OLGD 4 10Lin KozlowskiPatricia Carney
Mid Florida Brittany Club2007-02-03 OGD 4 17Bob ErbeLisa Durham
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2006-12-01 AGD 3 19Chauncey SmithLisa Durham
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2006-12-01 ALGD 1 10Lin KozlowskiLisa Durham
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2006-12-01 OGD 2 11Tony SmidPaul Hermes
Central Florida GSP Club2006-11-04 ALGD 4 10Bill HollowayLisa Durham
Mid Florida Brittany Club2006-10-21 AGD 4 11Peep StevensGary Seybert
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2006-03-31 AGD 1 10Lisa DurhamWilliam Abbey
Mid Florida Brittany Club2006-03-25 OGD 4 12Al LutherDon Bonnice
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2006-01-20 AGD 3 13Lynn WorthLisa Durham
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2005-12-02 AGD 3 18John IngramDon Bonnice
GSP Club of North Florida2005-02-11 OGD 2 10Jean MatmorRoderick Gonzalez
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2005-01-28 AGD 4 13Jim HinesMarti Fontenot
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2004-03-26 OGD 3 13Roderick GonzalezDenise Abbey
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2004-02-14 AGD 3 16Carol BlackRoderick Gonzalez
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2003-12-05 AWD 1 8Joe RuelaDenise Abbey
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2003-12-05 OD 1 9Kerry T KnouffDon Bonnice
GSP Club of North Florida2003-11-07 AWD 2 9Gary SeybertClifford Schnepf
Central Florida GSP Club2003-11-01 OD 2 8Gary SeybertDon Bonnice
Mid Florida Brittany Club2003-10-18 OD 2 8John BidouDenise Abbey
Old Capitol English Setter of Milledgeville2003-03-07 OP 2 9Tom OswaldTom Oswald
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2003-02-14 AWP 3 8Joe RuelaDon Bonnice
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2003-02-14 OP 2 8Joe RuelaDon Bonnice
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2003-02-14 AWD 2 8Joe RuelaChauncey Smith
Mid Florida Brittany Club2003-02-01 OP 3 9Carl ChecklickJean Matmor
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2002-12-14 AWP 4 7Wanda BernerJim Hines
Central Florida GSP Club2002-12-06 AWP 3 4Rebecca JacobsTodd Hardgrove
Central Florida GSP Club2002-12-06 AWD 4 6Ed MoodyAl Luther
Central Florida GSP Club2002-11-02 OP 3 8Leonard HuttoTodd Hardgrove