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Breed English Setter
AKC Number SN56760003
Owner(s) C Perryman


Monterey Bay English Setter Club2000-03-25 AWD 3 6Jan PitchfordRoy Smith
Monterey Bay English Setter Club2000-03-25 OD 2 5Carl SuttonErnest J Johnson
Irish Setter Club of Central California1999-12-04 OD 4 12Don PoolAnne Boyd
Monterey Bay English Setter Club1999-11-06 AWD 2 9Carolyn GoldPluis Davern
English Setter Association of America, Inc.1999-02-14 AWP 2 7Charlie ClockDavid Downing
Lone Star English Setter Club1999-02-13 AWP 3 4P GivensDavid Downing