DC Delane Speak Of The Devil

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DC Delane Speak Of The Devil

AKC Number SR01988604
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) D Riedl
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Call Name    Charlie   (see home page)
Sire     NFC FC AFC Lobo's Klickitat County Line
Dam     CH DeLane Hi-Dee Ho (offspring only)


Ohio Brittany Club, Inc.2010-10-02 AGD 2 13Dan LongJames Demarco
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2010-09-18 OGD 1 25Will LangleyDavid A Heavlin
Western Michigan Brittany Club2010-09-04 AGD 3 24Mike WilshireDavid A Heavlin
Western Michigan Brittany Club2010-09-04 OGD 3 23David A HeavlinMichael Poehler
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2010-05-19 AGD 3 28Brian HendricksonDavid A Heavlin
Ohio Brittany Club, Inc.2007-09-29 OGD 1 19Mark GriffithMick McBride
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2007-09-15 OGD 4 21John WalshDuane Yoder
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2006-10-14 AGD 4 15Randy AbrahamMike Smolinsky
Buckeye Brittany Club2006-03-04 OGD 2 30Christopher RiderDennis Mcclary
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2005-12-03 AGD 2 20Kathy GulemboRon Gulembo
Buckeye Brittany Club2005-03-05 AGD 2 12Bill BurgerBill Haynes
Buckeye Brittany Club2005-03-05 OGD 2 16Bill BurgerRonald Lisius
Greater St. Louis Brittany Club2005-02-12 AGD 1 13Neveta SalmonsEugene Salmons
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2004-10-15 OAA 4 13John MurphyLeslie Casselberry
Ohio Brittany Club, Inc.2004-09-25 OGD 4 13Steve LauterbachBill Haynes
Michigan Brittany Club2004-09-18 AGD 4 20Brian HendricksonPaul Katzel
Buckeye Brittany Club2004-09-04 AGD 4 14Kent MerrymanSherri Merryman
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2004-04-30 AWD 2 22Art CohenJudith Cohen
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2004-03-06 OGD 1 21Sam ThompsonDavid Wuori
Niagara Frontier Brittany Club2003-09-13 OD 2 21Roger McPhersonWilliam H Augustine
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2003-05-15 OP 1 16Scott KinneWilliam Wendt
Susquehanna Brittany Club, Inc.2003-05-09 OP 2 11Sandra SargentD Zaktansky
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2003-05-03 OP 2 13Steve LauterbachRobert Anders
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2003-04-26 OP 3 11John ChokranRon Altman
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2003-04-12 OD 1 13Ronnie ClarkKevin Culver
Irish Setter Club of Ohio, Inc.2003-03-22 OP 2 18Chris GoeganStephen Salt
Irish Setter Club of Ohio, Inc.2003-03-22 OD 3 19Cassie AllenMerlin Wright
Ohio Brittany Club, Inc.2003-03-15 AWP 1 9Joseph S LeuchJohn Strong
Buckeye Brittany Club2003-02-28 OP 4 14Thomas RobinsBill Haynes


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