FC AFC Beck's Blazing Glory

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FC AFC Beck's Blazing Glory

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SM94986202
Owner(s) H Beck/R Beck


GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val1999-11-26 ALGD 2 15J BodutchDon Pool
High Sierra GSP Club1999-11-20 AGD 4 16Steve GiovannettiG Pirak
GSP Club of California1999-09-18 AGD 1 26Steve GiovannettiLou Tonelli
GSP Club of Washington1999-04-24 OLGD 1 24David L ButlerJohn Sullivan
GSP Club of Central California, Inc.1999-03-27 AGD 2 27Raymond NelsonGreg Knight
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley1999-02-06 OGD 4 24Jack DraperS M Uhl