NAFC DC AFC Griffiths Willy Be Mine?

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NAFC DC AFC Griffiths Willy Be Mine?

AKC Number SR03505802
Breed German Wirehaired Pointer
Owner(s) C Griffith/D Griffith
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GWP Club of America, Inc.2010-10-04 NAFC 2 16Richard MinolliJohn Sullivan
GWP Club of America, Inc.2010-10-04 NFC 4 20Brian HillRoger Borine
GSP Club of California2010-03-19 OLGD 3 26Jeff DavisBill Landress
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2010-03-13 OLGD 4 32Nick NickolLynda Swart
Sutter Buttes Pointing Club2010-01-29 OLGD 3 16Bill TannerJim Searles
GWP Club of America, Inc.2009-10-27 NAFC 1 20Ken ChenowethBob Burchett
GWP Club of America, Inc.2009-10-27 NFC 3 21Chuck PariettiEdward Myers
GSP Club of Oregon2009-04-26 ALGD 1 16Myron MeifertJohn Williams
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2008-12-04 OLGD 1 27Bill TannerNick Nickol
GWP Club of America, Inc.2008-10-06 NFC 3 24Dan LongMary Karbiner
GWP Club of Central Oregon2008-04-19 AGD 4 16Steve JonesJohn Williams
GSP Club of Washington2008-04-12 OLGD 2 30Peter Von OhlenMichael Eades
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2007-05-05 OGD 1 25Ray CalkinsBryan Hogan
Willamette Weimaraner Club2007-04-28 ALGD 3 16Tina LaceyGreg Dielman
San Joaquin GSP Club2007-03-09 OLGD 4 29John DevereDavid Gould
Vizsla Club of Northern California2007-03-03 OGD 4 38Bill LandressRonald Marquart
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2006-11-30 OLGD 2 28Willie Stevens JRLeif Lendrop
GWP Club of America, Inc.2006-10-30 NFC 3 26Edward DixonBruce Hale
Willamette Weimaraner Club2006-09-23 ALGD 1 14Peter Von OhlenJohn Williams
Oregon Brittany Club2006-04-08 AGD 1 20Terry DuffinHeinz Ahlman
East Seattle Pointer Club2006-02-25 AGD 2 20Ray CalkinsHeinz Ahlman
GWP Club of America, Inc.2005-10-10 NFC 3 32Steve RalphJoseph Vicari
Oregon GWP Club2005-10-01 OGD 3 22Mrs. J CheshirePenny Ljungren
Willamette Weimaraner Club2005-09-24 ALGD 3 8Steve JonesAnne Tyson
GSP Club of Washington2005-09-17 OGD 4 17Greg DielmanHeinz Ahlman
GSP Club of San Antonio2004-12-11 AGD 3 11Thomas NegreteRonald Schaitel
GSP Club of San Antonio2004-12-11 OGD 1 16Charles ClineDavid Downing
Oregon GWP Club2003-09-13 OD 3 12Victoria JonesStuart Milbrad
GSP Club of Oregon2003-09-06 OP 3 10Richard MatzkeJeffery W Long
GSP Club of Oregon2003-08-23 OP 3 9Richard MatzkeJim House
GSP Club of Oregon2003-08-23 OD 2 12Patti Van De CoeveringRay Calkins


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