Shandar Mariah Damn Yankees

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Shandar Mariah Damn Yankees

Breed Irish Setter
AKC Number SR03513102
Owner(s) S Hall


Irish Setter Club of Central California2004-04-12 OD 4 9Ed Goulart Jr.Roy Smith
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2004-02-28 OD 4 13Harry BeckMark Bunter
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2004-01-17 OD 3 10Anne BoydMark Bunter
Irish Setter Club of Sacramento, Inc.2003-12-13 OD 3 8Michelle E ShererKimberlee Ramage
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2003-10-31 AWP 2 5Bill TannerRussell Boyd
Irish Setter Club of Central California2003-10-04 AWP 4 4Carl SuttonKarla Weber