DC AFC Tj's Prairie Blizzard

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DC AFC Tj's Prairie Blizzard

AKC Number SR07604201
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) Vicki Rankin
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Call Name    Blizzard   (see home page)
Sire     NFC DC AFC Tequila's Joker
Dam     FC AFC The Prairie Tornado


Midwest Brittany Club2013-03-28 OAA 3 38Frank CampbellKevin Stonehouse
Lone Star Brittany Club, Inc.2013-02-07 AAA 3 6Ben KuykendallScott Johnson
Midwest Brittany Club2012-11-02 OAA 3 37Jack MurphySkip Wonnell
Indian Nations Brittany Club2012-10-19 OAA 1 30Wesley FeltFrank Campbell
Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Inc.2012-10-08 OLAA 3 41Howard BurbachKendell Schmidt
Missouri Brittany Club2012-10-04 AAA 3 24Kenneth SandersonJack Murphy
Montana Brittany Club2012-08-24 OAA 1 26Leslie AndreasRichard G Nelson
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2012-04-20 OAA 3 46Jim Douglass JRMike Lager
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2012-04-20 OLAA 3 40Howard BurbachBruce Bryant
Nebraska Brittany Club2012-04-13 OAA 4 40William L NedeauKendall Brown
Nebraska Brittany Club2012-04-13 OLAA 3 32Ken WindomMary Karbiner
Indian Nations Brittany Club2012-03-16 OAA 2 35Mary KarbinerRob Martin
Illinois Brittany Club2012-02-23 OAA 3 28Dennis SullivanAllan Benson
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2012-01-26 OAA 1 20Mike EnglishGeorge Musser
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2012-01-10 ALAA 3 16John CrossJoyce Miley
American Brittany Club, Inc.2011-11-21 NAFC 3 43Richard BarberM Aldrich
Midwest Brittany Club2011-11-04 OAA 2 36Rob MartinRobbie Roy Myers
Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Inc.2011-10-10 OAA 1 41Robert ThompsonJack Murphy
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2011-04-22 OLAA 3 40Ken ChenowethJack Murphy
Nebraska Brittany Club2011-04-15 OAA 3 62Kendall BrownRobert B Rohner
Iowa Brittany Club2011-04-01 OAA 4 33Todd WilliamsMichael Poehler
American Brittany Club, Inc.2011-03-22 OAA 2 20William BurtonSkip Wonnell
Lone Star Brittany Club, Inc.2011-02-10 AAA 2 14Jerry McGeeDavid Byers
Lone Star Brittany Club, Inc.2011-02-10 OAA 4 35Jerry McGeeFrank Campbell
Northern Oklahoma Brittany Club2011-02-03 AAA 3 18Gulledge RobbieKeith Gulledge
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2011-01-28 OAA 1 13Vicki NorthingtonTerry Chandler
Sahuaro Brittany Club2011-01-08 AAA 4 20Wayne DownDavid Higgins
Midwest Brittany Club2010-11-05 OAA 3 38Brooks CarmichaelMike Martin
Sooner Brittany Club2010-10-29 AAA 3 20Kelly WardMike Griffin
American Brittany Club, Inc.2010-10-21 OAA 4 37Floyd CagleFred Smith
American Brittany Club, Inc.2010-09-18 OLAA 3 66Ken ChenowethJim Michaletz
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2010-04-23 OAA 1 51Chuck PariettiDavid Taylor
American Brittany Club, Inc.2010-03-23 AAA 2 18Stan WilliamsonRichard Brewington
West Texas Brittany Club2010-02-25 AAA 1 18Jack MurphyE J Hall
Bluebonnet Brittany Club (f/k/a Waco Bluebonnet)2010-02-19 OAA 1 30Wesley FeltDavid Jones
Greater St. Louis Brittany Club2010-02-04 AAA 3 16Howard BurbachRobert Thompson
Greater St. Louis Brittany Club2010-02-04 OAA 2 29Howard BurbachKen Chenoweth
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2010-01-30 OAA 1 18Hank HartnekBen Garcia
Sunland Brittany Club2010-01-20 AAA 1 14Mike EnglishBen Garcia
Sunland Brittany Club2010-01-20 OAA 1 16Mike EnglishBen Garcia
Midwest Brittany Club2009-11-06 OAA 2 36Charlie StarkebaumRob Martin
Central Arkansas Brittany2009-10-21 OLAA 2 30Rodney AlbinKirk Loftin
Iowa Brittany Club2009-04-03 AAA 1 20Todd WilliamsRob Richter
American Brittany Club, Inc.2009-03-24 OAA 3 38Stan WilliamsonDavid Taylor
Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Inc.2009-03-20 AAA 3 21Ivan BreckenridgeDon Kimble
Lone Star Brittany Club, Inc.2009-02-12 AAA 2 13Ed W CowlingCharlie Collier
Lone Star Brittany Club, Inc.2009-02-12 OLAA 3 34Wesley FeltHarold Davis
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2009-01-06 OLAA 2 20Bill GibbonsSal Satallante
Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Inc.2008-03-21 AAA 1 20William L NedeauCharlie Starkebaum
Sooner Brittany Club2008-03-07 OAA 1 43Jack MurphyJoyce Miley
Lone Star Brittany Club, Inc.2008-02-14 OLAA 4 41Mary KarbinerJames Wortman
Greater St. Louis Brittany Club2008-01-31 AAA 1 14Gil HopperCharles Schaeffer
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2008-01-26 OAA 4 19Matthew ClykerJohn Vincze
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2008-01-10 OAA 1 29Dave HayesDavid Higgins
Sahuaro Brittany Club2008-01-05 OAA 1 24Don GydeBill Landress
Indian Nations Brittany Club2007-10-27 OAA 1 48Rob MartinCharlie Collier
Missouri Brittany Club2007-10-05 OAA 2 58Ken WindomMike Lager
Nebraska Brittany Club2007-04-13 OLAA 2 39Rosco StatonTom Maneely
West Texas Brittany Club2007-03-01 AAA 4 24Gary YoungR A Rankin
Bluebonnet Brittany Club (f/k/a Waco Bluebonnet)2007-02-24 OAA 2 20Terry TuleyMary Karbiner
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2007-02-03 OAA 3 14Cris HeydenBen Garcia
Indian Nations Brittany Club2006-10-28 AAA 2 26John TillerRobert Erlanson
Missouri Brittany Club2006-10-06 OAA 4 48Steve RalphMike Voshell
American Brittany Club, Inc.2006-09-18 OLAA 3 71Mary KarbinerStan Truksa
Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Inc.2006-03-24 AAA 1 24Rob MartinBrian Sundnas
Sahuaro Brittany Club2006-01-07 OAA 4 19Gene WullkotteBill Landress
Iowa Brittany Club2004-09-24 OD 1 24Bob ReynoldsLarry G Meeks
Neosho Valley Brittany Club2004-02-20 OP 1 14Bud MoorePatty Moore
Northern Oklahoma Brittany Club2004-02-05 OP 3 10Frank Pride JRDale Hudson
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2004-01-17 OP 4 9Douglas FarrellEdward Dixon
Sahuaro Brittany Club2004-01-03 OP 4 13Bill RootTerry Ahl
Midwest Brittany Club2003-10-31 OP 4 8William L NedeauRosco Staton


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Tequila Avalanche(by Bnj's Dirty Dozen Dixie)