Grayshadows Gracin The Cover

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Grayshadows Gracin The Cover

Breed Weimaraner
AKC Number SR08893304
Owner(s) S Jamieson/K Gould


Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club2005-04-15 OD 2 13Linda KeetonDenny Keeton
Weimaraner Club of America2005-03-22 OD 3 21Robert SamerJerold Swartz
Weimaraner Club of Greater Cleveland2004-10-22 AWD 3 12Perry WilliamsonGreg King
Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club2004-10-01 AWD 2 6Kathy GulemboRon Gulembo
Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club2004-10-01 OD 2 13John PotterJohn Ingram
Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club2004-04-10 AWP 1 5John PotterWayne Cowgill
Weimaraner Club of America2004-03-30 OP 1 23Howard ShultzRichard Barnes
Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois2004-03-20 OP 4 14Wayne CowgillBeverly Cowgill
Delaware Valley Weimaraner Club2004-03-13 OP 3 10Katrin TazzaGwynne G. McDevitt