FC Radbach's Forward Motion

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FC Radbach's Forward Motion

AKC Number SR09286504
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) C Palmer/I Palmer
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Sire     FC AFC Radbach's Bengel
Dam     FC AFC Fast Forward's Smokin' Kid


Inland Empire Brittany Club2012-04-17 AGD 3 21Wayne DownDavid Kirk
GSP Club of Oregon2012-03-31 ALGD 3 21Laura MylesJim Hammett
Pacific Northwest Gordon Setter Club2012-03-24 OGD 2 18Paul FredrichPenny Ljungren
East Seattle Pointer Club2012-03-10 AGD 3 20Frank T ElduenJohn Sullivan
Inland Empire Brittany Club2011-09-13 AAA 3 15Rick AxtellDennis Leis
GSP Club of Oregon2011-09-03 ALGD 1 13Ray CalkinsCarolyn Griffith
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2011-08-25 ALGD 2 13Jim HouseEric Mauck
East Seattle Pointer Club2011-08-20 AGD 3 13Frank T ElduenGeorge Lutz
East Seattle Pointer Club2011-08-20 OGD 2 19Heinz AhlmanMichael Palmer
GSP Club of Oregon2011-04-02 ALGD 2 16John WilliamsJoseph Fowler
Inland Empire GSP Club2010-10-02 ALGD 2 16Paul HusemannHeinz Ahlman
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2010-09-09 ALGD 1 13Ray CalkinsJim House
GSP Club of Oregon2010-09-04 ALGD 4 14Heinz AhlmanJohn Williams
East Seattle Pointer Club2010-08-21 AGD 1 13Wayne YamashitaRay Calkins
Inland Empire GSP Club2010-04-10 OGD 1 14Gary WickwireRay Calkins
Seattle-Tacoma GWP Club2010-02-20 OGD 4 20Tina LaceyGeorge Lutz
Inland Empire GSP Club2009-09-26 AGD 3 22Ray CalkinsJoseph Schaefer
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2009-05-02 AAA 4 10Gary WickwireFrank Fernandez
GSP Club of Washington2009-04-11 OLGD 4 21Gary WickwireJohn Sullivan
Inland Empire GSP Club2009-04-04 ALGD 4 15Ray CalkinsHeinz Ahlman
East Seattle Pointer Club2009-03-14 OGD 4 25Angela SchillereffRay Calkins
Inland Empire GSP Club2008-09-27 OAA 2 15Gary WickwireHeinz Ahlman
Western Washington Weimaraner Club2007-02-03 OLGD 1 14Richard SpaccarelliHeinz Ahlman
East Seattle Pointer Club2004-08-21 OD 1 12Ray CalkinsHeinz Ahlman
Cascade Pointer Club2004-04-30 OP 2 7Penny LjungrenJon Morton
GSP Club of Washington2004-04-17 OP 1 6Ray CalkinsRoger Borine
Inland Empire GSP Club2004-04-03 OP 3 10Pat WareskDennis Mauer
Seattle-Tacoma GWP Club2004-03-20 OP 2 6Gary WickwireGreg Dielman


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