CH Vallyhntrs Natural Selection

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CH Vallyhntrs Natural Selection

Breed Vizsla
AKC Number SR09741401
Owner(s) J Matmor/A Neupert


South Louisiana Vizsla Club2005-02-26 AWD 3 8Chauncey SmithDon Bonnice
South Louisiana Vizsla Club2005-02-26 OD 3 8Lynn WorthMarcia Schlesinger
GSP Club of North Florida2005-02-11 OD 4 16Joe RuelaNancy Endersbee
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2005-01-28 OD 4 22Joe RuelaMarti Fontenot
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2005-01-28 AWD 4 14Jessie RuelaCarl Checklick
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2004-12-03 OD 4 12Jack SharkeyDorothea Romano
GSP Club of North Florida2004-11-05 OD 2 10Jessie RuelaJoe Ruela
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2004-02-14 AWD 4 7Earl FowlsJohn Bidou
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2003-12-05 AWP 4 8Pamela FullfordDenise Abbey