Phoenix's Li'l Lucy

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Phoenix's Li'l Lucy

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR54284803
Owner(s) Jay L and Jean A Hallaron


Mid Florida Brittany Club2013-12-19 OGD 3 26Will GarrettPaul Daniel
Mid Florida Brittany Club2012-12-18 OGD 4 20Wayne JamesRon Lambert
Georgia Brittany Club2012-11-16 OAA 1 11Don BonniceJohn Houghton
Mid Florida Brittany Club2012-03-23 OGD 4 11Rebecca JacobsAlbert Allen
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2011-03-04 OAA 4 9Greg RitchingsP Rutter
Georgia Brittany Club2010-12-10 OAA 3 13Mark JohnsonSandra Leavens
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2010-12-08 OAA 2 9Jerry WebbMark Johnson
Buckeye GSP Club2010-10-08 OGD 3 25Richard PristovArthur Terstage
Conestoga Vizsla Club2010-10-01 OAA 1 17Kenneth HuyserThomas Digney
Lone Star GSP Club2010-01-23 OD 2 14Will BarbeeGene Mason
Mid Florida Brittany Club2009-10-09 OD 4 7Teresa GimbutRobert J Perez
Mid Florida Brittany Club2009-03-20 OP 1 8Rebecca JacobsClifford Schnepf
Middle Georgia English Setter Club of Milledgeville2009-02-12 OP 1 12Joseph VicariMark Johnson