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FC AFC Dcr's Mojo Rising

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR34976504
Owner(s) D Pool


Vizsla Club of Southern California2014-01-10 AGD 2 20Bill LandressRussell Boyd
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2013-04-14 AGD 4 26Larry McConnellJohn Moreland
GSP Club of California2013-03-15 AGD 4 10Terry ZygalinskiE W Eizman
GSP Club of Reno2012-05-04 AGD 1 16David NelsonMike Menasco
GSP Club of Reno2012-05-04 OLGD 1 30Emmett BurnsBryan Rice
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2012-02-11 ALGD 4 13David GouldPaul Pishos
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2012-02-04 AGD 3 11Michael VazRandall Berry
Vizsla Club of Southern California2012-01-06 OLGD 4 29David BillsLeif Lendrop
San Joaquin GSP Club2011-03-11 AGD 4 18Frank FernandezCasten Pigman
GWP Club of Southern California2011-02-25 AGD 2 21John CushingRobert Smith
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2011-02-05 AGD 4 21Robert SmithRoy Smith
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2011-02-05 ALGD 2 20Paul PishosGreg Anderson
Sutter Buttes Pointing Club2011-01-06 AGD 3 14Janice SchmoldtPierre Urrutia
Sutter Buttes Pointing Club2011-01-06 ALGD 4 8Robert SmithLinda Azevedo
GWP Club of Northern California2010-11-27 AGD 4 14Michael VazDavid Gould
GSP Club of Reno2010-04-30 OGD 1 13Bryan RiceCasten Pigman
San Joaquin GSP Club2010-03-12 AGD 3 20John CushingSteve Reynolds
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2010-02-06 AGD 1 15Wayne DownRobert Smith
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2010-02-06 OGD 4 24Richard GreenGayle Moynier
Vizsla Club of Southern California2010-01-08 OGD 1 32Greg KnightDavid Gould
Vizsla Club of Northern California2009-04-04 ALGD 4 19Greg AndersonLeif Lendrop
San Joaquin GSP Club2009-03-06 AGD 1 25Robert SmithFrank Fernandez
GWP Club of Southern California2009-02-20 OGD 3 30Nick NickolRussell Boyd