Capewind's Yankee Dory

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Capewind's Yankee Dory

AKC Number SR10292703
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) T Lewandowski
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Eastern New England Brittany Club2014-10-04 OGD 3 14John MaloneMichelle Sala
Central Maine Brittany Club2013-05-25 OGD 4 16Ms. J Flanagan-BjorkArthur Hembrough
Eastern New England Brittany Club2013-05-11 OGD 4 16Tom MercierMichelle Sala
Central New England Brittany Club2013-04-13 OGD 3 17John PolandMichelle Sala
Central Maine Brittany Club2012-09-08 OGD 4 16Audra JaconettiMichael Blondin
Central New England Brittany Club2012-04-14 AGD 4 22Dick AchinKeith Culver
Southern New England Brittany Club2011-06-04 OGD 4 17Richard MurphyMartin Garrell
Central Maine Brittany Club2010-05-22 OGD 3 26Kellie FoggFrank Pride JR
Eastern New England Brittany Club2009-10-03 OGD 4 14Lynda ZartarianDennis Harkcom
Central Maine Brittany Club2009-09-12 AGD 4 22Mitchell SwierczynskiTed Swierczynski
Eastern New England Brittany Club2009-05-09 OGD 2 26Janet GarrellMartin Garrell
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2009-04-17 ALGD 3 20Steven AnkerLeslie Hunt
Central New England Brittany Club2008-09-20 AGD 2 23Michael RoderkaAllen Welch
Northern New England Brittany Club2005-05-21 OD 2 8Lynda ZartarianJeff Gray
Eastern New England Brittany Club2005-05-06 AWD 2 9Larry AllenDebra Goodie
Eastern New England Brittany Club2005-05-06 OD 2 8Larry AllenPatrick Cooke
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2005-04-30 AWD 2 4Virginia PrattJeanne Rozowski
Central New England Brittany Club2005-04-09 OD 2 6Joseph WesslingJoan Heimbach
Eastern New England Brittany Club2004-10-01 OP 3 6Ted SwierczynskiNot Found
Central New England Brittany Club2004-09-18 AWP 1 5Judy KiracofeShan Wessels
Central New England Brittany Club2004-09-18 OP 4 13Ralph KiracofeJudy Kiracofe
Pointer Associates of New England2004-06-04 AWP 1 4Patrick CallahanDebra Goodie
Hudson Valley GSP Club2004-05-22 AWP 4 4Dean BrowningKeith Madden
Northern New England Brittany Club2004-05-15 AWP 3 8Lynda ZartarianAllen Welch
Northern New England Brittany Club2004-05-15 OP 4 8Lynda ZartarianJeff Gray
Central New England Brittany Club2004-04-10 OP 4 7Virginia PrattRalph Pratt JR


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