Traveler Prairie Run

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Traveler Prairie Run

AKC Number SR11456002
Breed English Setter
Owner(s) G Sand
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Northern Colorado Brittany Club2008-05-24 OGD 3 18John MorelandScott Wilson
Colorado Pointer Club2008-03-29 OAA 1 13K B WaideMatthew Clyker
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2007-10-27 OGD 2 14David TownerScott Wilson
American Pointer Club, Inc.2006-10-06 OAA 2 11Ernie PetersScott Wilson
GSP Club of Colorado2006-04-14 OAA 2 18Steve BaileyDonald Lee
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2005-10-22 OAA 1 8Leigh GivanScott Wilson
GSP Club of Nebraska2005-09-23 AAA 4 14Larry LoftinG F Henry
Mile-High Weimaraner Club2005-05-21 AGD 3 25Don GiniMike Martin
Colorado Pointer Club2005-03-12 OD 1 10Charles KelleyEd Disher
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2004-10-30 OD 1 8Rex RobertsMark Hill
GSP Club of Nebraska2004-05-14 OP 2 12Dennis HidalgoWilliam Burton
GSP Club of Nebraska2004-05-14 AWD 3 15David BartlettJames A West
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2004-03-13 OP 2 13Vicky LachanceBob Geddeis
Colorado Pointer Club2004-03-06 OP 2 4Kevin B WaideSusan Williams
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2003-10-25 OP 2 9Rex RobertsMarc Devos


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