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FC AFC NAFC NAGDC Prairies Edge Tippy

AKC Number SR11734502
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) P Vande Hei
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Four Lakes GSP Club2012-05-16 OLGD 4 28Larry LoftinPeter Coppens
GSP Club of America2011-10-17 AGD 2 73James SchultzAngela Schillereff
Four Lakes GSP Club2011-09-09 OLGD 3 31James BrighamKevin Kuiper
Four Lakes GSP Club2010-05-19 ALGD 3 15Diane VaterChuck Cooper
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2010-04-23 OLGD 1 38Vern GrimslidEdward Myers
GSP Club of Illinois2010-04-16 ALGD 3 15Steven SlackDaniel DiMambro
Gateway GSP Club2010-03-05 OLGD 1 8James (JJJ) JuergensKevin Kuiper
Gateway GSP Club2010-03-05 ALGD 1 5Timothy ZickKevin Kuiper
GSP Club of America2009-10-12 NAFC 1 90Bill LandressJames Kermott
Four Lakes GSP Club2009-08-28 ALGD 4 18Kevin JahrTimothy Zick
Four Lakes GSP Club2009-05-13 AGD 1 28Howard BurbachTimothy Heiner
Four Lakes GSP Club2009-05-09 ALGD 1 5Timothy ZickRobert Schuster
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2009-04-17 AGD 2 15Guy RezzardiJames (JJJ) Juergens
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2009-04-17 OLGD 2 31Rodney AlbinKevin Kuiper
Gateway GSP Club2009-03-06 OLGD 3 8Tony McgraneTimothy Zick
Four Lakes GSP Club2008-09-05 OLGD 3 34Tony McgraneRob Tomczak
GSP Club of Minnesota2008-05-23 AGD 2 20Chris BenskinWayne Wiener
Four Lakes GSP Club2008-05-16 AGD 3 21Joseph VicariDaniel DiMambro
Four Lakes GSP Club2008-05-16 OLGD 2 24Kent HarterJulie Harter
GSP Club of Illinois2008-04-19 OLGD 1 11Kent HarterTimothy Zick
GSP Club of America2008-04-12 AGD 1 41Ronald MarquartMark Johnson
GSP Club of Minnesota2007-09-21 AGD 2 19Carl OlsonDave Benson
GSP Club of Minnesota2007-09-21 OAA 2 9Rob TomczakKevin Jahr
GSP Club of Minnesota2007-09-21 OLGD 1 15Dave BensonClark Linn
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2007-09-14 AGD 1 28Dan VossRichard Heller
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2007-09-14 OLGD 1 26Tony McgraneVern Grimslid
Four Lakes GSP Club2007-09-07 OAA 3 10Mark ProvostPaul Katzel
Four Lakes GSP Club2007-09-07 OLGD 4 24Mark ProvostLarry Heskett
Four Lakes GSP Club2007-05-11 AGD 2 24Mark SmithEd Liermann
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2007-04-21 AGD 1 16Pat WareskTimothy Zick
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2007-03-31 AGD 1 17Chris BenskinRodney Albin
GSP Club of Minnesota2006-09-23 OLGD 2 21Lawrence HauseDennis Pierce
Four Lakes GSP Club2006-09-08 AGD 3 20Mark JohnsonMike Cook
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2006-08-26 AGD 2 15Mark SmithRobert Webb
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2006-05-06 OLGD 4 18Vern GrimslidMike Cook
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2006-04-22 AGD 1 17Tony McgraneDennis Hart
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2006-04-08 AGD 4 9Greg DixonRob Richter
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2006-04-08 OGD 1 17Kenneth CragoRob Richter
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2006-04-08 OLGD 3 14Kenneth CragoRob Richter
GSP Club of Wisconsin2006-04-01 AGD 2 17Ed CuddebackJim Couris
GSP Club of Wisconsin2006-04-01 OLGD 3 8Ed CuddebackJim Couris
Four Lakes GSP Club2005-11-12 AGD 1 18Charlie BlackbournDennis Pierce
Four Lakes GSP Club2005-11-12 OGD 1 13Frank VicariJoseph Vicari
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2005-09-24 OGD 2 11Lori RezzardiGuy Rezzardi
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2005-09-16 OGD 3 27Frank VicariLarry Loftin
Four Lakes GSP Club2005-05-07 OD 4 10Perry WilliamsonBill Bussey


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