Chukarhill So Vain

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Chukarhill So Vain

AKC Number SR12213303
Breed English Setter
Owner(s) T Cardwell
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English Setter Association of America, Inc.2012-10-17 NAFC 4 19Brian SullivanEdward Myers
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2010-03-05 OLGD 3 17Mark BunterGerald Barron
Irish Setter Club of Central California2010-02-27 OGD 2 20Terry ZygalinskiKaren Holmes
Irish Setter Club of Central California2010-02-27 OLGD 1 14Willie Stevens JRAnne Boyd
Irish Setter Club of Sacramento, Inc.2009-11-14 OLGD 1 11Vicky LachanceLeif Lendrop
North Country Gordon Setter Club of Minnesota2009-09-25 OAA 1 12Cynthia FindleyJesse Chapman IV
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2009-03-07 OGD 3 24David LachanceVicky Lachance
GSP Club of Washington2005-04-16 OD 2 13Gary BrownPeter V Ohlen
Irish Setter Club of Sacramento, Inc.2004-03-06 OP 3 10Ed Goulart Jr.Sara Shumer


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