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FC Foxgloves California Edition

AKC Number SR54384402
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) M Hewett/j hewett
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GWP Club of Northern California2015-11-12 GOLGD 4 22Bill LandressBrandon Blum
GWP Club of Northern California2014-11-13 GOLGD 3 20Bryan HoganJoseph Proulx
High Sierra GSP Club2014-11-08 GOLGD 1 18Joseph ProulxPierre Urrutia
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2014-09-06 OLGD 2 32Karen NiffeneggerCarolyn Griffith
GWP Club of Northern California2013-11-15 OAA 2 9Ellis HerzRichard Minolli
GWP Club of Central Oregon2013-09-14 OAA 4 10Paul HusemannJanet Grunbok
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2013-05-04 OAA 4 15Paul HusemannJim Hammett
GSP Club of Oregon2013-04-27 OAA 1 8Leslie LikeJoseph Proulx
GWP Club of Central Oregon2013-04-20 OLGD 4 9Angela SchillereffPaul Fredrich
GSP Club of Washington2013-04-13 OLGD 4 24Ray CalkinsJerry L Arlington
Northern Arizona GSP Club2012-11-06 OLGD 1 15Tom WhiteKeith Bryant
GWP Club of Central Oregon2012-09-15 OLGD 4 18Carolyn GriffithBryan Hogan
GWP Club of Central Oregon2012-04-21 OAA 2 16Calvin PalmerPeter V Ohlen
GSP Club of Washington2012-04-14 OLGD 2 25Heinz AhlmanMichael Palmer
Willamette Weimaraner Club2011-09-19 OLGD 3 17Peter V OhlenJim House
GSP Club of Idaho2011-09-10 OLGD 4 13Gary MoenJon Young
GSP Club of Oregon2011-09-03 OLGD 4 18Heinz AhlmanBen Hill
San Joaquin GSP Club2011-03-11 OLGD 4 23Richard MinolliGreg Anderson
Sutter Buttes Pointing Club2011-01-06 OGD 1 28Richard GreenWayne Hale
GWP Club of Northern California2010-11-27 OD 1 9Donald MagoonLou Tonelli
Willamette Weimaraner Club2010-09-18 OLGD 2 22Todd SchaafGreg Dielman
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2010-09-09 OGD 1 23Paul HusemannBryan Hogan
GSP Club of Oregon2010-09-04 OGD 3 18Penny LjungrenJanet Grunbok
GSP Club of Oregon2009-09-05 OP 3 5Calvin PalmerJulie Files


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