FC Wfk Belle's Georgia Peanut

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FC Wfk Belle's Georgia Peanut

AKC Number SR54417502
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) D Walker
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GSP Club of America2017-10-16 OGD 3 72Diane VaterPat Sheehan
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2017-08-25 AGD 1 8Greg DixonDave Pomfret
GSP Club of America2017-04-07 NAGDC 2 19Mark SmithThomas Davis
GSP Club of America2016-10-17 NAFC 3 93John RabidouDavid Downing
North Dakota Pointing Dog Club2016-08-19 OLGD 1 13Chris BenskinLance Schulz
GSP Club of America2014-10-13 NAGDC 4 84Lori RezzardiMike Cook
GSP Club of America2013-10-14 NGDC 4 81Mark CalderChristopher Rider
GSP Club of Atlanta2012-11-15 OLGD 1 21Bob ErbeNikolaus Scharpf
Four Lakes GSP Club2012-05-16 OLGD 2 28Larry LoftinPeter Coppens
GSP Club of Atlanta2012-01-12 ALGD 2 11Tim SmelcerLaura Miller
GSP Club of Atlanta2012-01-12 OLGD 3 16Laura MillerDarcy DuVal
GSP Club of South Georgia2011-12-09 OLGD 4 22Greg LegerJohn Leavitt
GSP Club of South Georgia2010-12-10 OLGD 2 24Tom OswaldJohn Leavitt
GSP Club of Atlanta2010-11-18 OLGD 1 24Earl FowlsBob Erbe
Four Lakes GSP Club2010-09-10 OGD 2 30Dennis PierceSteven Slack
GSP Club of Illinois2010-04-16 OLGD 4 32Jerry PaddockJulie Harter
GSP Club of Illinois2010-04-16 OGD 1 19Mark ProvostJoseph Vicari
GSP Club of America2010-04-12 OD 4 8Joseph VicariDaniel DiMambro
GSP Club of Atlanta2010-01-14 OD 1 22Bob ErbeTimothy Zick
GSP Club of South Georgia2009-12-04 OD 2 17James BradleyJohn Leavitt
GSP Club of Atlanta2009-11-12 OD 2 13Bob ErbeMiguel Montalvo
Sunflower GSP Club2009-10-09 AWD 1 4Mark WassermanJay Schroeder
GSP Club of Minnesota2009-09-18 OP 1 10Jon MortonTimothy Zick


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