FC Onpoints Brutis Beefcake

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FC Onpoints Brutis Beefcake

AKC Number SR12467904
Breed Vizsla
Owner(s) B Bassingthwaighte
Links: OFA, Vizsla Database
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Sire     FC Onpoint's New Man
Dam     DC AFC NGDC Onpoint's Tuff Stuff


Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2013-12-07 AGD 2 19Richard FrawleyRobert Vaulding
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2010-12-04 OLGD 1 12Tony SmidDebra Freidus
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2010-04-23 ALGD 3 20Mike MullineauxAllen Welch
Brittany Club of Upper New York2010-04-17 OAA 1 14John RettigJeff Phelps
Central New England Brittany Club2010-04-10 OAA 3 10Keith MaddenShan Wessels
Central New England Brittany Club2010-04-10 OLGD 3 17Darlene DowEdward Kostka JR
Southern New England Brittany Club2009-10-09 OAA 2 14Virginia PrattShan Wessels
Southern New England Brittany Club2009-10-09 OLGD 4 16Lynda ZartarianDennis Harkcom
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2009-09-26 AGD 2 19Denny KeetonDuane Yoder
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2009-09-26 OGD 1 22John PotterMark Johnson
Hudson Valley GSP Club2009-04-24 ALGD 1 19Tom MercierRichard Murphy
Hudson Valley GSP Club2009-04-24 OLGD 4 20Lucille JardinNikolaus Scharpf
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2008-04-18 OGD 1 25Kevin ArberDennis Duguay
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2008-04-18 OAA 2 21Richard MurphyRichard Frawley
Vizsla Club of Greater New York2008-04-12 OGD 3 20Charles KissingerClint Sails
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey2007-11-17 AGD 1 8Walt TaitJames D'Amico
Anthracite Brittany Club2007-11-10 OGD 2 24Darlene DowWayne Taylor
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2006-09-30 AGD 4 14John SchoonoverJim Yates
Hawkeye Vizsla Club2004-10-09 OD 4 22Douglas R. BrunsJohn Houck
Vizsla Club of Illinois, Inc.2004-09-18 OD 4 18Jim CourisMike Kindler
Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa2004-05-01 OP 4 12Todd WilliamsDouglas R. Bruns
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2004-04-24 OD 3 21Jim CrawfordEd Lehosky
Vizsla Club of America, Inc.2004-04-12 OP 1 13Tom MarkeeTom McKellar
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey2004-04-10 OP 1 11William KoeberDorothea Romano
Miami Valley Vizsla Club, Inc.2004-04-03 OP 3 14Joseph BunkMark Sullivan
Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland2004-03-27 OD 3 11Theresa MillerEd Schaefer
Vizsla Club of America, Inc.2004-03-20 OP 2 11Brian HesgardDave Kayser
Nebraska Vizsla Club2004-03-13 OP 2 18Tom ManeelyMargo Bailey
Nebraska Vizsla Club2004-03-13 OD 3 17David BartlettTom Maneely
Texas Gulf Coast Vizsla Club2004-02-28 OP 2 16Linda KeetonDenny Keeton


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