FC Palm Glades WFK Swimmer

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FC Palm Glades WFK Swimmer

AKC Number SR54417505
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
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Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2016-01-01 ALGD 2 15Scott BodenstabJay Houghton
GSP Club of Atlanta2015-11-12 ALGD 2 10Lori RezzardiJohn Houghton
Garden State Weimaraner Club2015-05-01 ALGD 2 20Jerry AlbaneseWayne Horner
Pointer Associates of New England2015-04-17 ALGD 2 11Robert ShowersCory Roy
GSP Club of Atlanta2015-01-08 AGD 4 14Earl FowlsDave Pomfret
GSP Club of South Georgia2014-12-05 AGD 1 7Finn OlsenJohn Davis
GWP Club of Central Iowa2014-03-13 AGD 1 10Jan ErbeBelinda L DeLaby
GSP Club of Atlanta2014-03-06 OGD 1 29Bob ErbeJan Erbe
GSP Club of Atlanta2014-03-06 OLGD 3 23Aline ScharpfB Coller
GSP Club of America2013-02-02 ALGD 4 8Richard BarberMike Mullineaux
Buckeye GSP Club2012-04-20 OGD 4 42Arthur TerstageJustin Allen
GSP Club of South Georgia2012-02-17 OGD 3 25Tom OswaldPhillip Warren
GSP Club of South Georgia2011-12-09 AGD 3 14Jessie RuelaJoe Ruela
Buckeye GSP Club2011-04-22 OGD 3 36Jim RowellWilliam Van De Weerd
GSP Club of Illinois2011-04-14 AGD 4 19Julie HarterVern Grimslid
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2011-04-08 OGD 4 20Kent HarterJoseph Vicari
GSP Club of South Georgia2011-02-18 AGD 1 15Richard BarberDaniel DiMambro
GSP Club of Atlanta2010-12-28 ALGD 4 21Mike MullineauxNikolaus Scharpf
GSP Club of South Georgia2010-12-10 AGD 4 22James BradleyTim Smelcer
GSP Club of Atlanta2010-11-18 OGD 4 24Nikolaus ScharpfTim Smelcer
Nebraska Vizsla Club2010-10-02 OD 1 10Robert KoserMike Zimbelman
Nebraska Vizsla Club2010-10-02 AGD 3 17Paula AbbotMike Zimbelman
GSP Club of Atlanta2010-01-14 OP 4 10Kent HarterPaula Gross
Middle Georgia English Setter Club of Milledgeville2009-12-27 OP 4 10Trish BurdinClint Sails


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