Breton's Truckee River Cabo Gold

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Breton's Truckee River Cabo Gold

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR55865408
Owner(s) C Zink/T Zink


Northern California Brittany Club2014-03-28 AGD 1 13Ted FosterJim Murphy
Sutter Buttes Pointing Dog Club2013-11-21 OLGD 4 28Raymond NelsonBryan Hogan
Northern California Brittany Club2013-10-04 ALGD 2 15Alan BrannJoe Gower
Northern California Brittany Club2013-03-29 OGD 3 24Alan BrannMike Menasco
Vizsla Club of Northern California2013-03-02 AGD 1 17Roy SmithGayle Moynier
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2013-02-16 ALGD 1 13Rich StrumpfPierre Urrutia
GSP Club of Reno2012-11-03 OLGD 4 9David NelsonAaron Fausett
Northern California Brittany Club2012-09-28 AGD 2 19Ed Goulart Jr.Alan Brann
Northern California Brittany Club2012-09-28 OLGD 3 13Alan BrannJanice Schmoldt
Northern California Brittany Club2012-08-11 AGD 4 14Richard GreenRandall Berry
Northern California Brittany Club2012-08-11 OGD 3 13Richard GreenJanice Schmoldt
Inland Empire Brittany Club2011-04-05 OD 2 4Leslie AndreasRick Axtell
Whid Isle Brittany Club2011-04-02 OD 1 8Joe WaitmanRoger Borine
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2011-01-22 OD 2 7Edward MayhewKarla Weber
Sutter Buttes Pointing Club2011-01-06 AWD 1 4Robert SmithLinda Azevedo
Sutter Buttes Pointing Club2011-01-06 OD 3 9Bill TannerRobert Smith
GSP Club of Reno2010-06-12 AWP 4 4Anne BoydPierre Urrutia
GSP Club of Reno2010-06-12 OP 3 4Aaron FausettPierre Urrutia
Golden Empire Brittany Club2010-05-08 AWP 2 8Nick NickolWillie Stevens JR
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2010-05-01 OP 3 9Wayne DownSteve Cosgrave
Northern California Brittany Club2010-03-26 AWP 3 10Willie Stevens JRCasten Pigman
Southern San Joaquin Valley Brittany Club2010-02-20 OP 2 7Steve CosgraveEdward Mayhew
Sutter Buttes Pointing Club2010-01-29 AWP 4 4Roy SmithJim Searles