NAFC FC AFC Dunfur's Tule Moon

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NAFC FC AFC Dunfur's Tule Moon

AKC Number SR57215003
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) I Palmer/C Palmer
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Call Name    Max


GWP Club of Central Oregon2016-09-17 ALGD 3 28Angela SchillereffHeinz Ahlman
GSP Club of Oregon2016-09-03 ALGD 2 20Carolyn GriffithJon Bole
East Seattle Pointing Dog Club2016-08-19 OLGD 3 22Paul HusemannHeinz Ahlman
Inland Empire GSP Club2015-09-26 OLGD 1 14Lori RezzardiArwen Dabb
GWP Club of Central Oregon2015-09-19 OLGD 4 25Brian HillLeslie Like
GSP Club of Oregon2015-09-05 OLGD 3 24Heinz AhlmanJoseph Proulx
East Seattle Pointing Dog Club2015-08-14 OLGD 1 23Ben HillE W Eizman
GSP Club of Oregon2015-04-25 AAA 3 8Ray CalkinsCarolyn Griffith
GWP Club of Central Oregon2015-04-18 OAA 3 8Meg EdenAngela Schillereff
GSP Club of Washington2015-04-11 ALGD 1 12Karen NiffeneggerCarolyn Griffith
GSP Club of Washington2015-04-11 OLGD 3 26Heinz AhlmanJoseph Proulx
Inland Empire GSP Club2015-04-04 OAA 1 14M AldrichDoug Favor
Inland Empire GSP Club2015-04-04 OLGD 4 20Ray CalkinsHeinz Ahlman
East Seattle Pointer Club2015-03-14 OLGD 4 18Ray CalkinsHeinz Ahlman
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2015-02-06 GOLGD 2 14Carl BabbMatthew Solt
GSP Club of America2014-10-13 NGDC 2 76Dickie SorrellCynthia Findley
Inland Empire GSP Club2014-09-27 OLGD 3 18Robert LopezDennis Pierce
GWP Club of Central Oregon2014-09-13 OLGD 1 23Brian HillLeslie Like
GSP Club of Oregon2014-08-30 ALGD 1 18Angela SchillereffJames Landis
GSP Club of Oregon2014-08-30 OLGD 3 21Richard SpaccarelliCarolyn Griffith
East Seattle Pointer Club2014-08-16 OLGD 1 20Angela SchillereffHeinz Ahlman
AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship2014-05-06 NGDC 2 57Greg DixonDave Pomfret
GSP Club of Oregon2014-04-26 ALGD 1 16James LandisHeinz Ahlman
GSP Club of Washington2014-04-12 AGD 4 10George LutzCarolyn Griffith
GSP Club of Washington2014-04-12 OLGD 2 26Ray CalkinsJoseph Schaefer
Inland Empire GSP Club2014-04-05 ALGD 2 21Todd SchaafLori Rezzardi
Inland Empire GSP Club2014-04-05 OLGD 1 24Lori RezzardiHeinz Ahlman
East Seattle Pointer Club2014-03-08 OLGD 2 18Wayne YamashitaRay Calkins
GSP Club of America2013-10-14 NGDC 2 81Mark CalderChristopher Rider
GSP Club of America2013-10-14 NAFC 1 79Lori RezzardiWayne Yamashita
Inland Empire GSP Club2013-09-28 ALGD 1 9Robert LopezArwen Dabb
Inland Empire GSP Club2013-09-28 OLGD 2 14Todd SchaafTimothy Zick
GWP Club of Central Oregon2013-09-14 OLGD 4 17Ray CalkinsMatthew Solt
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2013-09-07 ALGD 2 21Janet GrunbokJoseph Proulx
GSP Club of Oregon2013-08-31 OLGD 1 10Angela SchillereffBrian Hill
East Seattle Pointer Club2013-08-17 AGD 1 16John SullivanJoseph Proulx
East Seattle Pointer Club2013-08-17 OLGD 1 23Ray CalkinsFrank T Elduen
Inland Empire GSP Club2012-09-29 ALGD 2 14Dennis PierceJoseph Schaefer
Inland Empire GSP Club2012-09-29 OLGD 1 14Ray CalkinsHeinz Ahlman
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2012-09-22 OLGD 1 15Todd SchaafRay Calkins
GWP Club of Central Oregon2012-09-15 ALGD 2 15Karen NiffeneggerCarolyn Griffith
GWP Club of Central Oregon2012-09-15 OLGD 2 18Carolyn GriffithBryan Hogan
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2012-05-05 ALGD 2 18Chris TewesRay Calkins
GWP Club of Central Oregon2012-04-21 ALGD 3 19Wayne YamashitaRay Calkins
Inland Empire Brittany Club2012-04-17 AAA 1 16Roger BorineJim Hammett
GSP Club of Washington2012-04-14 AGD 4 21Janet GrunbokDave Fowler
Inland Empire GSP Club2012-04-07 ALGD 2 16Ray CalkinsHeinz Ahlman
Inland Empire GSP Club2012-04-07 OLGD 3 21Todd SchaafArwen Dabb
East Seattle Pointer Club2012-03-10 OLGD 1 16Penny LjungrenJoe Waitman
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2012-02-11 OLGD 1 18Bryan HoganLandon Beard
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2012-02-11 AGD 2 20Destrie HansenE W Eizman
Inland Empire GSP Club2011-10-01 AGD 1 20Heinz AhlmanJoseph Fowler
Inland Empire GSP Club2011-10-01 OLGD 1 23Dennis PierceArwen Dabb
GWP Club of Central Oregon2011-09-17 OGD 1 17Ray CalkinsBryan Hogan
Inland Empire Brittany Club2011-09-13 AGD 4 24Wayne DownWilley Richmond
GSP Club of Oregon2011-09-03 OGD 1 16Todd SchaafJohn Williams
East Seattle Pointer Club2011-08-20 OGD 1 19Heinz AhlmanMichael Palmer
GSP Club of Washington2011-04-16 AGD 4 14Heinz AhlmanRoy Smith
GSP Club of Washington2011-04-16 OGD 3 22Paul HusemannPaul Fredrich
Inland Empire GSP Club2011-04-09 OGD 2 17Ray CalkinsArwen Dabb
GSP Club of Oregon2011-04-02 OGD 3 18Leslie LikeJoseph Schaefer
East Seattle Pointer Club2011-03-12 AGD 4 14John SullivanJanet Grunbok
East Seattle Pointer Club2011-03-12 OGD 4 18Tina LaceyBryan Hogan
Inland Empire GSP Club2010-04-10 OP 1 13Robert JohnstonHeinz Ahlman
East Seattle Pointer Club2010-03-06 OP 4 12Gary WickwireHeinz Ahlman
Seattle-Tacoma GWP Club2010-02-20 OP 4 12Tina LaceyRobert Johnston


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FC Dunfur's Livin On A Prayer(by FC Dress Blues)
Dunfurs Scabrock Dot(by FC Dress Blues)
FC AFC Dunfur's High Desert Hoyt(by FC Dress Blues)
Dunfur's Blews The Moon(by FC Dress Blues)
FC Dunfur's Dancing Dakota(by FC GFC Hk's Prime Cut)
Dunfur's F-Troop(by FC GFC Hk's Prime Cut)
FC Dunfurs Dalai Bobba(by FC GFC Hk's Prime Cut)
Dunfur's Tule Creek(by FC GFC Hk's Prime Cut)
Dunfurs Squilchuk Tin Cup(by FC GFC Hk's Prime Cut)