Gambler's Double Down

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Gambler's Double Down

AKC Number SR57912907
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) D Janulis/E Janulis
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Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2011-05-18 OD 1 7William WendtBill Haynes
Illinois Brittany Club2011-02-16 OD 2 9James ChaseMichael Poehler
Michigan Brittany Club2010-09-23 OP 4 7Ken FalesKen Delong
Michigan Brittany Club2010-09-23 OD 2 5Nan CritesRick Crites
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2010-09-18 OP 3 7Ron AutenLarry Bates
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2010-09-18 OD 2 7Thomas RobinsKevin Byrne
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2010-05-19 OP 3 10Janet ParkerCharles Schaefer
Illinois Brittany Club2010-04-29 AWD 3 14Teresa RichmondPaul Katzel
Western Irish Setter Club, Inc.2010-04-24 OD 4 5Rob RichterEd Liermann
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2010-04-17 OP 3 4Jerry McGeeBob Geddeis
Michigan Brittany Club2010-04-09 OD 4 14Paul ReniusWade Haines
Michigan Brittany Club2010-04-09 OP 1 9Chris SennottWill Langley
La Salle Brittany Club2010-03-26 OP 2 5Gil HopperMike Cook


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