FC AFC Thunderhead's Outrageous Otto

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FC AFC Thunderhead's Outrageous Otto

AKC Number SR57057207
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) R Nadler/L Nadler
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Four Lakes GSP Club2016-05-13 OLGD 3 22Mike KindlerJeffrey Stanton
Fort Detroit GWP Club2016-04-08 AGD 1 5Thomas FrederickKelly Lester
Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois2016-03-19 AGD 3 13Timothy W CummingsAdam DeLude
Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois2016-03-19 OLGD 3 6John WalshTimothy W Cummings
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2015-05-01 AGD 4 10Jan ErbeDarrin White
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2015-04-17 AGD 3 15Mike HellerAndrew Weyer
Wisconsin Weimaraner Club2014-05-10 AGD 4 13Tom JagielskiJeffrey Stanton
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2014-04-18 AGD 1 16Dennis PierceJeffrey Wallace
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2014-04-12 AGD 2 6Kent HarterBill Elliott
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2013-05-26 AGD 2 18Paul ReniusDavid A Heavlin
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2013-05-26 ALGD 2 9Gil HopperAnthony Carlesimo
GSP Club of Michigan2013-05-19 OGD 1 9Robert HoffmeyerJim Yates
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2013-04-12 AGD 4 10Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2013-04-12 OGD 3 14Joseph VicariPaul Katzel
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2013-03-23 OGD 2 9Kenneth HuyserHoward Shultz
Iowa Brittany Club2013-03-17 AGD 2 15Kelly DonhamChuck Burgin
Iowa Brittany Club2013-03-17 OGD 1 19Scott OehlJulie Nelson
GSP Club of Illinois2013-03-09 ALGD 1 5Sharon FitzpatrickAngela Vicari
GSP Club of Illinois2013-03-09 OGD 1 16Timothy W CummingsAngela Vicari
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2012-05-27 AGD 2 14Paul ReniusSusan DeGraw
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2012-05-27 OGD 3 6Susan DeGrawSusan Daum
GSP Club of Illinois2012-04-20 AGD 4 11Mark ProvostPennie Willis
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2012-04-13 AGD 4 13Bill PadovanoJohn Schoonover
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2012-04-13 OGD 4 13Bill PadovanoJohn Schoonover
Rock River Valley GSP Club2012-04-06 AGD 2 8Jim CourisThomas Tubergen
Rock River Valley GSP Club2012-04-06 OGD 2 10Jim CourisMark Johnson
Four Lakes GSP Club2012-03-24 AGD 1 8Patrick Vande HeiPhilip Rohs
GSP Club of Illinois2011-04-14 AWD 1 4Timothy ZickRobert Schuster
GSP Club of Illinois2011-04-14 ALGD 3 17Julie HarterTimothy Zick
GSP Club of America2011-04-11 OD 3 10Jim GingrichDaniel DiMambro
St Croix Valley Brittany Club2010-06-05 OP 2 10Carl OlsonSue Mueller
Four Lakes GSP Club2010-05-19 OP 3 8Tim SmelcerThomas Tubergen
Four Lakes GSP Club2010-05-15 OD 4 13James BrighamPatrick Vande Hei
Wisconsin Weimaraner Club2010-05-08 AWD 1 13Kent HarterJulie Harter
Wisconsin Weimaraner Club2010-05-08 OD 3 14Julie HarterRodney Albin
GSP Club of Illinois2010-04-16 AWP 2 4Steven SlackDaniel DiMambro
GSP Club of Illinois2010-04-16 OP 4 6Mark ProvostDavid Walker
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2010-03-27 OP 3 8Kent HarterJulie Harter


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