Prairie Wind's Back To Zack

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Prairie Wind's Back To Zack

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR58932303
Owner(s) R Richardson/K Richardson


Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2017-09-28 GOLAA 4 20Rich BurgiColin Kennedy
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2017-09-28 GALAA 3 13Matt JordanBill Monk
GSP Club of Idaho2017-04-17 GOLAA 2 12Marty MiddletonJim Yates
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2016-04-25 GOLAA 4 11Kevin JoyceHelmut Schoen
GSP Club of Idaho2016-04-18 GOLAA 1 10Howard BurbachBrian Gingrich
GSP Club of Idaho2016-04-15 OAA 2 13Steve PasasJames Kermott
Desert GSP Club2016-01-10 GOLAA 2 9M AldrichBrooks Carmichael
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2015-10-01 OAA 2 14Vicky LachanceCynthia Findley
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2015-04-20 GOLAA 1 13M AldrichMike Martin
GSP Club of Idaho2015-04-10 OAA 1 6June McConnellRay Larrondo
GSP Club of Idaho2014-04-11 OAA 3 7Gary MoenHeinz Ahlman
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2013-09-26 OAA 2 12Tony KingJason Kemna
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2013-09-19 OAA 2 12M AldrichPat P McInteer
GSP Club of Colorado2010-10-07 OD 1 14Leonard MoralesGreg Butler