FC Howlin Ridge Born To Boogie

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FC Howlin Ridge Born To Boogie

AKC Number SR60960902
Breed Vizsla
Owner(s) J Moynier/G Moynier
Links: OFA, Vizsla Database
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Sire     DC AFC Csardas Bugle Boy Boogie
Dam     Csardas O My Goodness Gracious (offspring only)


Vizsla Club of Northern California2017-04-22 ALGD 3 18Sarah ChvilicekDerrick Mullin
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2015-04-11 OLGD 1 14Aaron FausettDerrick Mullin
Vizsla Club of Northern California2015-02-28 OGD 4 20Vickie TompkinsDavid Nelson
GSP Club of Reno2014-05-02 OGD 2 29Kita MorrisDavid Nelson
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2014-04-12 OGD 2 15Steven ArtisJanice Schmoldt
Vizsla Club of Northern California2014-03-01 AGD 2 16Marilyn MerrellVickie Tompkins
Vizsla Club of Northern California2014-03-01 OGD 4 27Vickie TompkinsDave Tompkins
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2014-01-25 OGD 3 30David BillsBill Landress
Sutter Buttes Pointing Dog Club2013-11-21 OGD 2 24Ted FosterRoy Smith
GWP Club of Northern California2013-11-15 OGD 4 16John WilliamsBryan Hogan
GSP Club of Reno2013-06-01 OLGD 2 4Sarah ChvilicekEsteri Hinman
GSP Club of Reno2013-05-03 AGD 3 6David DowningAaron Fausett
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2013-04-13 OGD 3 20Lynda SwartDebra Meifert
GSP Club of Reno2012-05-04 OGD 1 29Casten PigmanMike Menasco
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2011-05-01 OD 2 6Rich StrumpfGerald Barron
GSP Club of Reno2011-04-29 OD 3 6David NelsonGerald Barron
GSP Club of Washington2011-04-16 OD 3 12Calvin PalmerJoseph Fowler
Inland Empire GSP Club2011-04-09 OD 2 8John SullivanJoseph Schaefer
Vizsla Club of Northern California2011-03-05 OD 4 15Ted FosterRobert Smith
GWP Club of Northern California2010-11-27 OP 4 8Donald MagoonKathleen Boyd
GWP Club of Southern California2010-11-12 OP 4 6Edward DixonCasten Pigman


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