FC AFC Wolf Plain Brooks Sky Is The Limit

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FC AFC Wolf Plain Brooks Sky Is The Limit

AKC Number SR60682702
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) J Hazel/D Hazel
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Hudson Valley GSP Club2014-06-06 GOLGD 2 5Greg NicholsonTracy Faber
Mayflower GSP Club2013-11-01 OLGD 1 16Robert VauldingKimberly Eaton
Pointer Associates of New England2013-09-28 AGD 1 13Richard FrawleyCory Roy
Hudson Valley GSP Club2013-09-13 OGD 3 13Kevin JoyceJoe Amatulli
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2013-08-31 OLGD 2 29Jeanne RozowskiJeffrey Currier
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2012-12-01 OGD 2 26Michelle SalaTracy Faber
Hudson Valley GSP Club2012-11-16 AGD 3 15Richard MurphyMike Mullineaux
Nutmeg GSP Club2012-11-09 AGD 3 21Marisa FowlerAndrew Campbell
Mayflower GSP Club2012-06-08 AGD 1 10John LuceyCory Roy
Mayflower GSP Club2012-06-08 ALGD 4 8Richard FrawleyDick Achin
Pointer Associates of New England2012-05-11 ALGD 3 8Steven AnkerJames O'Donnell
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2012-04-28 AGD 1 18James DemarcoRobert Vaulding
Hudson Valley GSP Club2011-06-03 AWD 4 7Darlene DowTom Mercier
Hudson Valley GSP Club2011-06-03 OD 1 10Greg NicholsonDebra Freidus
Northern New England Brittany Club2011-05-21 AWD 2 5Jeff GrayAllen Welch
Eastern New England Brittany Club2011-05-14 OD 1 6Lynda ZartarianFrank Pride JR
Eastern New England Brittany Club2011-05-14 AWD 1 3David MarshallDennis Harkcom
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2011-05-06 AWP 1 6Robert FasulloBill Felins
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2011-05-06 OD 2 8Tim CarwileThomas George
Nutmeg GSP Club2011-04-08 AWD 3 7Katrin TazzaBuzz Hancock
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2010-12-04 OP 1 8Tony SmidHoward Duffy
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2010-11-27 AWP 3 10James D'AmicoEllen Cavalla
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2010-11-27 OP 4 10Lisa MillerJoseph Cincotta
Nutmeg GSP Club2010-11-12 AWP 3 10D BrathHoward Duffy
Nutmeg GSP Club2010-11-12 OP 3 6Lynda ZartarianDennis Harkcom


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