FC AFC Palm Glades Lee's Madeline

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FC AFC Palm Glades Lee's Madeline

AKC Number SR16933907
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) B Taylor/K Taylor
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AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship2013-03-16 NGDC 3 74Peter WilkinJim Douglass JR
GSP Club of Atlanta2013-01-10 OLGD 1 23Tom OswaldJames (JJJ) Juergens
Buckeye GSP Club2012-10-06 OLGD 3 25Richard PristovChris Streitenberger
Buckeye GSP Club2012-04-20 OLGD 3 31Paul E RichardsWilliam Van De Weerd
GSP Club of South Georgia2012-02-17 OLGD 4 11Richard BarberDaniel DiMambro
GSP Club of South Georgia2011-12-09 OLGD 3 22Greg LegerJohn Leavitt
GSP Club of Illinois2011-04-14 OLGD 1 28Kent HarterVern Grimslid
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2011-04-08 OLGD 4 38Kent HarterBill Elliott
Gateway Vizsla Club2011-04-01 OLGD 2 30Stan WilliamsonRhett Burris
GSP Club of Atlanta2010-12-28 ALGD 3 21Mike MullineauxNikolaus Scharpf
GSP Club of Atlanta2010-11-18 ALGD 3 23Carol BlackJeffrey Craven
GSP Club of Atlanta2010-11-18 OLGD 3 24Earl FowlsBob Erbe
GSP Club of America2010-10-18 NAFC 2 84William L NedeauRonnie Sale
Nebraska Vizsla Club2010-10-02 OLGD 2 14David BartlettKevin Kuiper
GSP Club of America2010-04-12 OLGD 2 24John StegerMark Johnson
Rock River Valley GSP Club2010-04-03 OLGD 4 26Mark ProvostJim Couris
GSP Club of Atlanta2010-01-14 ALGD 3 16Kent HarterJulie Harter
Middle Georgia English Setter Club of Milledgeville2009-12-27 ALGD 3 18Mike MullineauxTom Oswald
Middle Georgia English Setter Club of Milledgeville2009-12-27 OLGD 3 31Tom OswaldJim Carter
GSP Club of South Georgia2009-12-04 OLGD 4 17Joe RuelaTom Oswald
GSP Club of America2009-10-12 NAFC 3 90Bill LandressJames Kermott
GSP Club of America2009-05-10 OLGD 1 30Kent HarterDavid Taylor
Show Me Vizsla Club2009-04-24 OLGD 2 26James (JJJ) JuergensTimothy Zick
Central Florida GSP Club2009-01-24 OGD 1 18Bob WilsonGino Dicanio
GSP Club of Atlanta2009-01-08 ALGD 1 14Sara KingBryan Long
GSP Club of Atlanta2009-01-08 OLGD 2 31Timothy ZickWilliam Bhame
GSP Club of Atlanta2009-01-08 AGD 1 22Bryan LongTimothy Zick
Central Florida GSP Club2008-12-19 OLGD 2 15Sara KingMike Martin
Sunflower GSP Club2008-10-10 AGD 4 27Peter WilkinRandy Coffelt
Sunflower GSP Club2008-10-10 OLGD 3 25Mike SodiniJay Schroeder
Heart of America GSP Club2008-09-26 OGD 3 28Chuck PariettiJames Burch
GSP Club of Illinois2008-04-19 AGD 2 14Guy RezzardiMark Johnson
GSP Club of Illinois2008-04-19 OGD 4 13Mark ProvostGuy Rezzardi
GSP Club of Illinois2008-04-19 OLGD 4 11Kent HarterTimothy Zick
Ringneck GSP Club2008-04-04 AGD 2 18Jerry AldenH Koomia
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2008-03-07 OGD 3 28Wayne ScubelekClint Sails
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2008-03-07 OLGD 2 17Tim CarwileRobert Anders
Middle Georgia English Setter Club of Milledgeville2008-02-21 OGD 2 39Bob ErbeWilliam Bhame
Weimaraner Club of the Tennessee Valley2008-02-15 OGD 3 27Steve ButlerJan Erbe
Weimaraner Club of the Tennessee Valley2008-02-15 OLGD 3 14Steve ButlerJames Demarco
GSP Club of America2008-02-02 OLGD 3 16Bob ErbeRon Lambert
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2005-04-01 OP 1 8Joel DavidsonAndrew Agnew
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2005-04-01 AWP 3 9Jane PiroloSara King
GSP Club of Atlanta2005-03-05 OP 1 17Earl FowlsSean Swearingen
GSP Club of Atlanta2005-03-05 AWD 1 15Miguel MontalvoTim Smelcer
GSP Club of South Georgia2005-02-18 OP 3 12Sean SwearingenBill Ellis
GSP Club of Atlanta2005-01-07 OP 2 9Andrew AgnewBill Ellis
GSP Club of South Georgia2004-12-10 OP 2 8Tom OswaldJohn Leavitt
GSP Club of Atlanta2004-11-19 OP 4 12Brad WilsonTom Oswald


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