FC Sky High Regardless

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FC Sky High Regardless

AKC Number SR17010301
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) Pat McCarty/Brian Maloney
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Call Name    Czar
Sire     Fair Warning Regardless
Dam     SFK's LB's Ohi Slick Nickel (offspring only)


Del-Val Brittany Club2011-04-23 OAA 2 13Ivan ClarkRonnie Clark
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey2011-04-09 OGD 3 16William MengertStanley Zdon JR
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2011-03-30 OAA 1 14Sandra SargentStephen Tubach
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2010-10-16 OAA 3 14Jeffrey CurrierK Pillion-Schramm
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2010-10-01 OGD 3 22Gus AllimonosStanley Zdon JR
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2010-10-01 OLGD 3 22Gus AllimonosWilliam Bruchey
Del-Val Brittany Club2010-04-24 OAA 2 13Howard ShultzBill Gorman
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2010-03-31 OAA 2 6Joanne PerryMichael Penn
Potomac Irish Setter Club2010-03-13 OGD 2 22Steve HenriksonLisa Miller
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2009-11-07 OLGD 3 21James BlaschkeLisa Miller
Del-Val Brittany Club2009-10-30 OAA 3 8Bruce ConoverJames D'Amico
Garden State Weimaraner Club2009-09-27 OGD 2 15Tim CarwileGus Allimonos
Long Island Weimaraner Club2009-04-25 OLGD 4 15Jerry AlbaneseGus Allimonos
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey2009-03-28 OLGD 1 15Robert K ReynoldsClifford Mesnard II
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2009-02-21 AGD 2 18Mike MullineauxGus Allimonos
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2008-10-03 AGD 3 15Tim CarwileClint Sails
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2008-10-03 OGD 2 24Jerry AlbaneseTim Carwile
Vizsla Club of Greater New York2008-04-12 OGD 2 20Charles KissingerClint Sails
Vizsla Club of Greater New York2008-04-12 OLGD 4 19Gus AllimonosRobert Amato
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey2008-03-29 OGD 4 19Jerry AlbaneseEdward Kerr
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2008-02-23 OGD 1 20Gus AllimonosWayne Scubelek
Delaware Valley GWP Club2007-12-01 OLGD 2 16Tom McKellarJerold Swartz
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2007-10-05 OGD 3 21John TomaskiJeffrey Currier
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2005-10-15 OGD 3 25Ken JohnsonEdward Kerr
Long Island Weimaraner Club2005-09-17 OGD 3 17Andy ValentinoTom Zinnie
Delaware Valley Weimaraner Club2004-10-09 OD 1 10Ron AltmanEdwin Shupp


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