Mehagian's Keystone Brother David

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Mehagian's Keystone Brother David

AKC Number SR61857704
Breed Vizsla
Owner(s) J Bonar/M Mehagian
Links: OFA, Vizsla Database
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Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland2018-05-12 OLGD 2 13Roger HatchJustin Allen
Irish Setter Club of Michigan2018-05-05 OLGD 1 20Robert HoffmeyerMike Braddock
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2018-04-28 OLGD 2 25JP JonesRoger Hatch
Niagara Frontier Brittany Club2018-04-20 OLGD 3 15John HallRobert Buchholz
Eastern Irish Setter Association2017-10-21 OLGD 1 13Kitty PullenRaymond Gubernat
Irish Setter Club of Michigan2017-10-14 OLGD 2 16Robert SmithJim Fleming
Nodrog Gordon Setter Club of Michigan2017-10-07 OLGD 2 16Paul ReniusWill Langley
Western Michigan Brittany Club2017-09-02 OLGD 2 16Paul ReniusBlake Rizzo
Irish Setter Club of Michigan2017-05-06 OLGD 1 17Paul ReniusRobert Smith
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2017-04-29 OLGD 2 13Beth ChandlerSteve Whitney
Miami Valley Vizsla Club, Inc.2017-04-15 AGD 3 14Charles BrownEric Gildow
Potomac Irish Setter Club2017-03-11 OLGD 1 14Patricia SanbornR Felins
Irish Setter Club of Ohio, Inc.2016-09-24 ALGD 1 13Frank WattersEric Gildow
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2016-09-09 GOLGD 2 13Timothy ZickPatrick Vande Hei
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2016-06-03 GOLGD 4 18Edward BrockAdam DeLude
Minnesota Brittany Club2016-05-27 OAA 2 9Julie NelsonJosh Holden
North Dakota Pointing Dog Club2016-05-13 OGD 3 10Randy RathmanShane Anderson
Twin Cities GWP Club2016-04-29 OLGD 2 15Timothy ZickWilliam Bastian
Twin Cities GWP Club2015-09-18 AGD 1 18Todd PiechowskiDaniel Erickson
Twin Cities GWP Club2015-09-18 OLGD 2 17Daniel EricksonMichael Rodeghiero
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2015-09-11 AGD 3 13Lori RezzardiBjorn Peterson
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2015-09-11 GOLGD 1 10Lori RezzardiTimothy Zick
North Dakota Pointing Dog Club2015-08-21 OLGD 3 26Jessica CarlsonDaniel Erickson
Minnesota Brittany Club2015-05-29 AGD 1 22Bret LindbackJosh Holden
Minnesota Brittany Club2015-05-29 OLGD 3 16Dan VossMichael Rodeghiero
North Dakota Pointing Dog Club2015-05-23 OLGD 1 18Todd MannsJustin Martin
St Croix Valley Brittany Club2015-05-15 OGD 4 30Bret LindbackKen Windom
Three Trails Vizsla Club of Kansas City2015-05-01 OGD 1 10Kendall BrownTommy N Thomas
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2015-04-25 OGD 3 11Mike BraddockJim Yates
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2015-04-04 OLGD 1 14Stephen SaltTony Ordonez
Gateway GSP Club2014-10-01 OGD 2 24Tony McgraneJames (JJJ) Juergens
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2014-09-27 OLGD 1 18Carly Thompson-MartinChad Chadwell
Twin Cities GWP Club2014-09-19 OLGD 1 20Dan VossDaniel Erickson
GSP Club of Minnesota2014-08-22 OLGD 4 26Ian MactavishHeath Kooima
Twin Cities GWP Club2014-05-23 OGD 4 24Todd MannsJustin Martin
Minnesota Brittany Club2014-05-16 OLGD 1 20Bret LindbackSusan Januschka
Western Irish Setter Club, Inc.2014-04-26 OLGD 1 16Paul HowardJohn Walsh
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2014-04-11 OLGD 3 20Bruce MuellerMark Johnson
Minnesota Brittany Club2013-10-05 OLGD 1 17Sam ThompsonKevin Jahr
GSP Club of Minnesota2013-05-24 OLGD 4 15Bob ErbeSusan Januschka
Minnesota Brittany Club2013-05-17 OGD 1 33Bob ErbeJan Erbe
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2013-05-04 OGD 2 23Bruce MuellerSue Mueller
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2013-04-12 OGD 3 28Bruce MuellerTimothy Zick
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2013-04-12 OLGD 4 15Mike KindlerTimothy Zick
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2013-04-06 OLGD 3 20Jim CourisBrian Wagner
Twin Cities GWP Club2012-09-15 OGD 2 15Daniel EricksonHeather Gast
Minnesota Brittany Club2011-10-01 OD 3 8Carl OlsonSusan Januschka
GSP Club of Minnesota2011-09-17 OD 1 12Chris BenskinMichael Rodeghiero
Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland2011-05-14 AWP 3 11Diane FazioChris Young
Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland2011-05-14 AWD 3 8Justin AllenChris Young
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2011-04-15 OD 4 8Lawrence NultyTim Carwile
Diamond State GSP Association2011-04-09 OP 1 4Catherine KuhnsE Kuhns
Diamond State GSP Association2011-04-09 OD 1 4Catherine KuhnsE Kuhns
Weimaraner Club of the Washington DC Area2011-04-01 OP 1 8Joseph BunkLaurie McCarty
Weimaraner Club of the Washington DC Area2011-04-01 OD 4 10Joseph BunkJeff Brown
Potomac Irish Setter Club2011-03-12 OP 1 5John WardJeanne Culver
Potomac Irish Setter Club2011-03-12 OD 3 16Mary AllenLisa Miller
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2011-03-04 AWP 3 8Mary AllenWilliam Bruchey
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2011-03-04 OP 2 12William BrucheyMary Brown
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2011-01-22 AWP 2 5Bruce ConoverScott Smith
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2011-01-22 OP 4 6Kenneth HuyserNancy Huyser


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