AFC Shadowfax Starship Trooper

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AFC Shadowfax Starship Trooper

AKC Number SR17191401
Breed Gordon Setter
Owner(s) C Schnepf
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Central Florida GSP Club2009-10-31 OGD 1 10Carl ChecklickWilliam Bhame
Mid Florida Brittany Club2009-03-20 AGD 2 14Hiriam StanfillDon Bonnice
Mid Florida Brittany Club2009-03-20 OGD 3 14Leonard HuttoRebecca Jacobs
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2009-02-21 AGD 2 14Jimmy SpearsHenry Mago
Central Florida GSP Club2009-01-24 AGD 4 8Bryan LongDon Bonnice
Mid Florida Brittany Club2008-03-21 OGD 4 22Rebecca JacobsJudy Hamilton
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2008-03-01 AGD 1 15James DemarcoAline Scharpf
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2008-03-01 OGD 2 20James DemarcoHenry Mago
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2008-02-15 OGD 4 17Carl ChecklickMichael Endersbee
North Florida GSP Club2008-02-09 AGD 4 15Leonard HuttoTodd Hardgrove
Central Florida GSP Club2008-01-25 AGD 4 15A J JacksonPaul Hermes
Central Florida GSP Club2008-01-25 OLGD 3 15Don BonniceWayne James
North Florida GSP Club2008-01-19 AGD 3 12Gary SeybertRoy Sampley
Mid Florida Brittany Club2007-03-24 AGD 3 14Leonard HuttoAl Luther
Mid Florida Brittany Club2007-03-24 OGD 3 16Leonard HuttoRebecca Jacobs
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2007-02-24 AGD 1 16Bob ErbeKathy Shannon
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2006-04-15 OD 1 15Gwynne G. McDevittBill Felins
Mid Florida Brittany Club2006-03-25 AWD 1 10Hiriam StanfillAl Luther
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2006-03-17 OD 3 14Hiriam StanfillDon Bonnice
Mid Florida Brittany Club2006-02-03 OD 2 9Denise AbbeyMarti Fontenot
Central Florida GSP Club2006-01-27 AWD 2 12Leonard HuttoRoy Sampley
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2006-01-20 OD 3 16Dave KayserPatricia Carney
North Florida GSP Club2005-11-12 OD 2 4Judy HamiltonDon Bonnice
Central Florida GSP Club2005-11-05 AWD 1 4Carl ChecklickJudy Hamilton
Central Florida GSP Club2005-11-05 OD 2 4Don WoodMichael Endersbee
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2005-04-16 OP 1 10Kevin CulverJeanne Culver
GSP Club of Atlanta2005-03-05 AWP 3 11Earl FowlsSean Swearingen
GSP Club of Atlanta2005-03-05 OP 2 17Earl FowlsSean Swearingen
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2005-02-18 AWP 1 10Carol BlackJoe Stringer
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2005-02-18 OP 3 12Cassie AllenCarol Black
Mid Florida Brittany Club2005-02-05 OP 1 4Roderick GonzalezMarti Fontenot
Central Florida GSP Club2005-01-28 OP 4 8Judy HamiltonGary Seybert
North Florida GSP Club2005-01-22 OP 3 7Hiriam StanfillDon Bonnice
Irish Setter Club of San Antonio, Inc.2005-01-15 OP 4 10Gene MoseleyJames Messer
Central Florida GSP Club2004-12-03 AWP 3 4Judy HamiltonMichael Endersbee
Central Florida GSP Club2004-12-03 OP 4 4Gino DicanioNancy Endersbee


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