FC AFC Hedge Rise Liverhead Would He Point A Bird

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FC AFC Hedge Rise Liverhead Would He Point A Bird

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR64398403
Owner(s) M Zimbelman


Sunflower GSP Club2018-10-12 OLGD 4 25James BurchWayland Russell
Nebraska Vizsla Club2018-09-29 OLGD 3 13Bruce BryantDarrin White
GSP Club Of Lincoln2018-08-31 OLGD 4 15Jim Douglass JRJeffrey Wallace
GSP Club of Nebraska2018-08-25 OGD 1 14Bonnie BergmeyerBruce Bryant
Sunflower GSP Club2017-10-13 ALGD 1 13Randy Neises Sr.Thomas Wynn
Sunflower GSP Club2017-10-13 OLGD 4 19Peter WilkinRandy Neises Sr.
GSP Club Of Lincoln2017-09-01 OGD 4 20Stephen HetmanekJ Schnipkoweit
GSP Club of Nebraska2017-08-26 OGD 3 24Margo BaileyJ Schnipkoweit
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2017-05-06 OLGD 3 16Ken ChenowethDarrin White
Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club2017-04-01 OLGD 3 8Edward MyersMargo Bailey
Sunflower GSP Club2017-03-17 OLGD 1 4Chuck PariettiJames Burch
Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa2016-10-23 OGD 3 8Dano MorfJeffrey Wallace
GSP Club of Central Iowa2016-10-22 OGD 1 8Kendall BrownRandy Caldwell
Nebraska Vizsla Club2016-10-01 OGD 3 12Kendall BrownBonnie Bergmeyer
GSP Club of Nebraska2016-08-27 OGD 3 18Randy RathmanSusan Oertel
GSP Club of Nebraska2016-05-14 AGD 2 21Jim Douglass JRMargo Bailey
GSP Club of Central Iowa2016-04-15 AGD 2 21Bruce BryantRandy Caldwell
Nebraska Vizsla Club2016-03-19 AGD 3 15David BartlettTimothy Thaden
Nebraska Vizsla Club2016-03-19 ALGD 2 8Bruce BryantTimothy Thaden
Sunflower GSP Club2015-10-09 ALGD 4 11Cindy PescodMike Martin
Nebraska Vizsla Club2015-09-26 AGD 3 13David BartlettMike Heller
Three Trails Vizsla Club of Kansas City2015-05-01 OGD 2 10Kendall BrownTommy N Thomas
GSP Club of Central Iowa2015-04-11 AGD 4 10Skip WonnellAndrew Weyer
Sunflower GSP Club2014-10-10 AGD 1 21Jay SchroederThomas Wynn
GSP Club Of Lincoln2014-08-30 AGD 4 16Timothy ThadenAndrew Weyer
GSP Club of Lincoln2012-04-07 OD 2 15Joe FingerlinJim Douglass JR
Heart of America GSP Club2012-03-30 OD 3 16Mike SodiniRandy Neises Sr.
Ringneck GSP Club2012-03-23 OD 3 5Howard BurbachFred Smith
GSP Club of Lincoln2012-03-10 OD 4 10Chuck PariettiJack Bender
Sunflower GSP Club2011-10-14 AWP 1 5Taylor SmithBrad Dudgeon
Nebraska Vizsla Club2011-09-30 OP 3 8Jim Douglass JRBonnie Bergmeyer
GSP Club of Nebraska2011-09-22 AWP 1 4Robert HendersonJim Douglass JR
GSP Club Of Lincoln2011-09-03 OP 3 7Robert KoserSusan Oertel
GSP Club of Lincoln2011-03-12 OP 4 9Brooks CarmichaelBonnie Bergmeyer