FC AFC Liverhead's Jumpin Jackie

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FC AFC Liverhead's Jumpin Jackie

AKC Number SR64398401
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) P Wilkin
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Ringneck GSP Club2017-04-04 GALGD 1 17Eldon HongoDan Voss
Ringneck GSP Club2016-09-12 GALGD 4 27M AldrichChris Streitenberger
Heart of America GSP Club2016-04-01 OLGD 4 19James BurchJarrett Bell
Heart of America GSP Club2015-03-27 OLGD 1 18Ken ChenowethJames Burch
Ringneck GSP Club2014-09-08 GALGD 4 29Jack SanchezWilliam Mengert
Heart of America GSP Club2014-03-28 ALGD 2 20Bruce BryantWayland Russell
GSP Club of Oklahoma2013-11-02 OLGD 1 5Wayland RussellThomas Wynn
Heart of America GSP Club2013-09-27 ALGD 4 17Mike MartinRandy Neises Sr.
GSP Club Of Lincoln2013-08-31 AGD 1 11Jan ErbeRobbie Roy Myers
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2013-04-26 ALGD 2 24Bonnie BergmeyerTimothy Thaden
Sunflower GSP Club2013-02-16 AGD 2 18Jay SchroederThomas Wynn
Sunflower GSP Club2013-02-16 OGD 1 19Jay SchroederThomas Wynn
Heart of America GSP Club2013-02-09 AGD 1 19Chase VerdoornThomas Wynn
Heart of America GSP Club2013-02-09 OGD 1 13Mark VerdoornBruce Bryant
Gateway GSP Club2013-02-01 AGD 4 18Rick HopkinsJarrett Bell
Ozark GSP Club2012-10-06 AGD 3 15Timothy HidalgoMary Hidalgo
GSP Club of Oklahoma2011-11-05 OP 1 4Jack MurphyMike Martin
Sunflower GSP Club2011-10-14 AWP 2 5Taylor SmithBrad Dudgeon
Sunflower GSP Club2011-10-14 OP 3 8Taylor SmithBrad Dudgeon
Gateway GSP Club2011-10-05 OP 4 10Lori RezzardiKevin Stonehouse
GSP Club of Nebraska2011-09-22 AWP 2 4Robert HendersonJim Douglass JR
Heart of America GSP Club2011-04-16 OP 3 13Randy Neises Sr.Tom Pollan
Sunflower GSP Club2011-03-18 AWP 2 4Brooks CarmichaelJay Schroeder


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