FC Higby Holiday

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FC Higby Holiday

Breed English Setter
AKC Number SR66497301
Owner(s) J Hamilton


Mid Florida Brittany Club2018-01-11 ALGD 2 19Randy HomanTom Hagan
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2017-11-10 AGD 4 13P RutterS Townley
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2016-10-21 OAA 4 10Howard ShultzJoe Petrowski
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2016-04-08 AGD 3 11Joe PetrowskiWayne Cowles
Mid Florida Brittany Club2016-01-12 ALGD 4 7Bill HaynesBrian Riggle
Mid Florida Brittany Club2015-11-06 AGD 4 12Carl AnglenPaul Daniel
Mid Florida Brittany Club2015-11-06 ALGD 1 6Carl AnglenPaul Daniel
Pointer Associates of New England2015-09-26 AGD 3 14Marisa FowlerMichelle Sala
TarTan Gordon Setter Club2015-04-11 OGD 1 10Dave O'BrienMichelle Sala
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey2015-03-28 OLGD 3 13Tony SmidBrian B Frattaroli
Vizsla Club of Greater New York2015-03-21 OLGD 4 13Frank LuksaBrian B Frattaroli
GSP Club of North Carolina2014-12-06 OGD 1 14Joe PetrowskiChris Carnahan
Northern Virginia Brittany Club, Inc.2014-11-21 OLGD 2 22Al LucasP Rutter
Nutmeg GSP Club2014-11-07 OLGD 1 10Keith MaddenAndrew Campbell
Hudson Valley GSP Club2011-06-03 OP 1 10Steven AnkerRobert Errigo
Pointer Associates of New England2011-05-20 AWP 1 6Richard MurphyJohn Malone
Pointer Associates of New England2011-05-20 OP 1 5Steven AnkerPatricia Sanborn
Pointer Associates of New England2011-05-20 AWD 1 4Dave PomfretPatricia Sanborn
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2011-05-06 OP 2 5Thomas GeorgeBill Felins
North Florida GSP Club2011-03-23 OP 2 10Leonard HuttoJay L Hallaron