FC Say Hey's Georgia Peach

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FC Say Hey's Georgia Peach

AKC Number SR18039306
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) J Derespini
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Sire     FC AFC Sawyer
Dam     FC Jackie's Dottie Ann


GWP Club of Northern California2012-05-12 ALGD 1 13Connie SmithRoy Smith
Idaho Brittany Club2012-04-28 OAA 2 26June McConnellRoger Borine
San Joaquin GSP Club2012-03-09 AGD 2 18Ellis HallmarkVicky Lachance
San Joaquin GSP Club2012-03-09 OLGD 1 14John CushingSteve Reynolds
Vizsla Club of Southern California2012-01-06 AGD 2 14Greg KnightRoy Smith
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2011-09-22 OGD 4 21Duane KirkleyScott Johnson
GWP Club of Southern California2011-02-25 OAA 4 20Michael VazBill Landress
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2011-02-05 OAA 2 14Bill TannerRobert Smith
San Joaquin GSP Club2009-03-06 OGD 4 35Michael VazRussell Boyd
San Joaquin GSP Club2009-03-06 OAA 1 11Bill TannerLee Holsinger
San Joaquin GSP Club2009-03-06 OLGD 4 23Jack Faley JRCary Crum
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2008-12-04 OLGD 2 27Bill TannerNick Nickol
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2008-12-04 OGD 4 30Carolyn GriffithLeif Lendrop
San Joaquin GSP Club2008-03-07 OAA 1 11Harry BeckLee Holsinger
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2007-11-29 OGD 3 25Bill TannerBryan Rice
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2007-11-29 OAA 1 11David LachanceVicky Lachance
High Sierra GSP Club2007-11-13 OGD 2 30Nick NickolKathleen Boyd
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2007-11-10 OLGD 3 23Nick NickolRonald Marquart
GSP Club of Reno2007-05-05 OGD 2 20Doug SteinshouerLauri Steinshouer
GSP Club of Reno2007-05-05 OAA 3 17Bill TannerDon Pool
GSP Club of California2007-03-17 OGD 1 34Richard GreenRoss Nott
San Joaquin GSP Club2007-03-09 OGD 1 28Ellis HerzBill Landress
San Joaquin GSP Club2007-03-09 OAA 2 16Bill TannerHarry Beck
Vizsla Club of Northern California2007-03-03 OLGD 2 32David GouldDebra Meifert
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2007-02-10 OLGD 4 40John DevereEllis Herz
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2006-11-30 OAA 3 14Bill TannerHarry Beck
GSP Club of Reno2006-05-06 OD 2 6Raymond NelsonCindy Smullen
Monterey Bay English Setter Club2006-03-25 OD 2 18Garland RootHarry Beck
Desert GSP Club2006-01-20 OD 3 29Joe HanzelBill Root
GWP Club of Northern California2005-11-25 OD 2 9Lou TonelliTerry Zygalinski
GWP Club of Northern California2005-05-21 AWP 4 6David GouldKen Rader
GWP Club of Northern California2005-05-21 OP 4 8Mark BoydLeif Lendrop
GSP Club of Reno2005-05-07 OP 1 10Sarah ChvilicekEsteri Hinman
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2005-04-23 OP 1 8Genaro VargasCarl Babb
GSP Club of California2005-02-04 OP 2 8Terry ZygalinskiGreg Anderson


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