NNV Big Bang Theory

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NNV Big Bang Theory

AKC Number SR61500006
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) N Shanto/Y Shanto
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GSP Club of Reno2011-06-04 AWP 2 6Esteri HinmanDavid Nelson
GSP Club of Reno2011-06-04 OP 2 6Esteri HinmanDavid Nelson
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2011-05-01 OP 3 8Cindy SmullenWayne Hale
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2011-05-01 OD 3 6Rich StrumpfGerald Barron
GSP Club of Reno2011-04-29 OP 4 9David NelsonWayne Hale


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