CH Biscuit's Buddha Banshee

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CH Biscuit's Buddha Banshee

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR67005702
Owner(s) D Connell/T Jagielski


Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2019-10-26 AGD 2 8Stan WilliamsonFrank Vicari
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2019-10-26 OGD 3 8Joseph Kim MarlattRay Trimble
Badger Brittany Club2019-09-21 OGD 4 14Joe PorwollSam Thompson
Badger Brittany Club2019-09-21 AGD 1 11Jeffrey StantonDavid Oberst
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2019-09-14 AGD 2 19Harold HeatherPaul Kuipers
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2019-04-13 OGD 2 16Dennis SullivanEd Liermann
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2019-04-13 OLGD 2 7Carly Thompson-MartinBill Stapleton
La Salle Brittany Club2019-03-30 AGD 4 10Sam ThompsonKevin Remmers
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2019-03-22 AGD 3 13Harold HeatherPaul Kuipers
Illinois Brittany Club2019-02-13 OGD 1 6Ronald Harling SRRonald Harling JR
Hawkeye Brittany Club2018-10-05 AGD 4 17Stan WilliamsonSteve Ralph
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2018-03-10 OLGD 3 8Julie NelsonPaul Kuipers
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2017-10-28 ALGD 4 5Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2017-10-28 OGD 4 8Rodney AlbinPaul Kuipers
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2017-09-30 OGD 2 9Carly Thompson-MartinBrian Wagner
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2017-09-30 OLGD 2 6Mark JohnsonBrian Wagner
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2017-09-16 AGD 3 13Bill ElliottRobert Powell
Badger Brittany Club2017-06-10 OGD 3 14Dennis SullivanRobert Powell
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2012-09-15 AWD 2 5Mark SmithCarly Thompson-Martin
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2012-05-16 OP 2 7Charles SchaeferThomas Robins
Western Irish Setter Club, Inc.2012-04-28 OP 4 6Lee ShoafGregg Schjoth
Badger Brittany Club2012-04-20 OP 3 8Susan JanuschkaTimothy Zick
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2012-04-14 OP 2 10Paul HowardChris Sennott
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2012-03-10 OP 2 12James BrighamChris Sennott
GWP Club of Illinois2012-03-03 AWP 3 13Kathy EngelsmanJeff Parise
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2011-10-22 OP 4 12Joseph Kim MarlattStephen McClure
La Salle Brittany Club2011-10-14 AWP 3 5Larry BatesTimothy W Cummings