Pbf Ammo's Hello Dolly

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Pbf Ammo's Hello Dolly

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR19830506
Owner(s) S Leavens/g leavens


GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2013-02-21 ALGD 4 10Rick HopkinsBill Thompson
Georgia Brittany Club2012-11-16 AGD 4 6David MedfordPhil Stout
Georgia Brittany Club2011-11-18 AGD 2 13Teresa GimbutJohn Houghton
Maryland Brittany Club2009-03-21 OGD 4 31Greg SackettFrank Morrisey
Music City Brittany Club2009-02-26 AGD 4 16Charles SchaefferBrian Henderson
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2009-02-21 OGD 4 21Aline ScharpfWayne James
Tar Heel Brittany Club2009-01-09 OGD 4 26Hans BorgmannWray Crawford
Music City Brittany Club2006-03-02 OD 1 9Lynda ZartarianJudy Kiracofe
Bama Brittany Club2006-02-03 OD 3 15William AckermanDon Crowley
Tar Heel Brittany Club2006-01-05 OD 3 8Martha GreenleeDonald Augustine
Tar Heel Brittany Club2005-11-12 OD 3 8Richard ChristopherGlenn Camp
Tar Heel Brittany Club2005-10-15 OD 1 9Brittany LloydDonald Augustine
Music City Brittany Club2005-03-03 OP 3 10Delmar McCallisterBill Suiter
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2005-02-18 AWP 3 10Carol BlackJoe Stringer
Bama Brittany Club2005-02-04 OP 1 10Kent PattersonRobert Donahue