FC AFC Pintado's Cactus Joe

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FC AFC Pintado's Cactus Joe

AKC Number SR68472205
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) T Baranski
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GSP Club of Reno2018-05-11 OAA 1 4Roy SmithE W Eizman
Southern Arizona GSP Club2018-01-25 ALGD 4 13Diane VaterChuck Cooper
Grand Canyon Brittany Club2017-01-20 AGD 1 18Heather GastEd Rucker
Northern Arizona GSP Club2016-11-18 OLGD 3 13Dave GarrettArlette T Hennessey
GSP Club of Reno2016-05-06 OGD 1 20David NelsonCasten Pigman
GSP Club of Reno2016-05-06 OLGD 2 22Aaron FausettCasten Pigman
San Joaquin GSP Club2016-03-11 OLGD 2 21Steve CosgraveGreg Anderson
Southern Arizona GSP Club2016-01-29 AGD 3 13Marilyn MerrellDan Hoke
Grand Canyon Brittany Club2016-01-22 AGD 1 19Marilyn MerrellTom White
Grand Canyon Brittany Club2016-01-22 OGD 3 38Michael McGahSteve Rutkowski
GSP Club of Las Cruces2016-01-04 GOLGD 2 23Edward MayhewDean R Crabbs
GSP Club of Reno2015-05-01 AGD 1 13Raymond NelsonWayne Hale
GSP Club of Las Cruces2015-03-06 OLGD 2 14John NelssenKen Levy
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2014-08-31 OGD 4 26Rick PetersenJames Gagnon
Sahuaro Brittany Club2014-08-29 OGD 4 26Lyle ChristiansenRick Petersen
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2014-02-15 OGD 2 11Willie Stevens JRMatthew Solt
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2014-02-15 OLGD 3 15Steven ArtisAllen Bailey
Grand Canyon Brittany Club2014-01-17 ALGD 1 8Tom WhiteEd Rucker
Northern Arizona GSP Club2013-11-22 OGD 1 21Lyle ChristiansenJames Schultz
Grand Canyon Brittany Club2013-01-18 OD 2 13Rick PetersenDave Garrett
Northern Arizona GSP Club2012-11-06 OD 2 8Tom PescodKeith Bryant
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2012-10-06 OD 2 4Norman AhlPam Chavez
Desert GSP Club2012-08-23 OP 1 5Rick PetersenRicardo Renteria
Southern Arizona GSP Club2012-01-24 OP 4 11Rick PetersenLee Holsinger
Grand Canyon Brittany Club2012-01-20 OP 2 9Lyle ChristiansenMelissa Thomas


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