FC AFC NGDC Burr Oaks Old Number Seven

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FC AFC NGDC Burr Oaks Old Number Seven

AKC Number SR21138004
Breed Vizsla
Owner(s) Jim Gingrich
Links: OFA, Vizsla Database
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Call Name    Jack
Sire     FC AFC Upwind Shiloh Mark Of Zorro
Dam     Burr Oak's End Of The Line


Vizsla Club of Illinois, Inc.2012-11-02 ALGD 4 16Jeff HoffThomas Tubergen
Vizsla Club of America, Inc.2012-10-15 NAFC 2 42Jim YatesPeter Coppens
Northstar Weimaraner Club2012-05-10 OLGD 4 15Carl OlsonHeather Gast
Hawkeye Vizsla Club2012-04-21 OLGD 3 8Chuck PariettiBonnie Bergmeyer
Vizsla Club of Illinois, Inc.2012-03-10 OLGD 1 17Kent MerrymanRobert Gibson
Gateway Vizsla Club2012-02-18 ALGD 4 12Denny KeetonCaleb Bryson
Gateway Vizsla Club2012-02-18 OLGD 2 17Neveta SalmonsMark Johnson
Vizsla Club of America, Inc.2011-11-07 NAFC 2 37Tony McgraneDouglas Reisner
Vizsla Club of Illinois, Inc.2011-10-29 OLGD 4 20Jim CourisThomas Tubergen
Hawkeye Vizsla Club2011-04-16 ALGD 3 13Joe FingerlinCaleb Bryson
Hawkeye Vizsla Club2011-04-16 OLGD 2 14David BorgJarrett Bell
Gateway Vizsla Club2011-02-19 OLGD 4 11Lori RezzardiRodney Albin
Show Me Vizsla Club2010-09-11 OLGD 1 13Jerry FlynnBruce Bryant
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2010-08-28 OLGD 4 18Sam ThompsonTimothy Zick
Vizsla Club of Illinois, Inc.2010-05-22 OLGD 4 10Phyllis KatzelPaul Katzel
Hawkeye Vizsla Club2010-04-17 OLGD 1 19Ken WindomMark Spurgeon
Show Me Vizsla Club2010-04-09 ALGD 4 13Chris BenskinPeter Wilkin
Vizsla Club of America, Inc.2010-02-24 NGDC 1 37Tim CarwileLiz Dixon-Barret
GSP Club of South Georgia2010-02-19 ALGD 3 14John LeavittDaniel DiMambro
Show Me Vizsla Club2009-10-17 ALGD 2 13Mark SmithRichard Brewington
Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa2009-10-03 OLGD 3 11Douglas R. BrunsJim Busch
Vizsla Club of Illinois, Inc.2009-05-23 ALGD 1 8Mike BookerGreg Wegler
Hawkeye Vizsla Club2009-04-18 ALGD 1 11Chuck PariettiRodney Albin
Vizsla Club of Illinois, Inc.2009-03-07 OGD 1 14John PotterBob Hodges
Vizsla Club of Illinois, Inc.2009-03-07 OLGD 2 14Charles SchaeferEd Manifold
Vizsla Club of America, Inc.2008-11-04 NAFC 2 18James SchultzBill Landress
Southern Arizona GSP Club2008-10-31 AGD 3 18Tom PescodDon Gyde
Show Me Vizsla Club2008-10-18 AGD 1 13Jan ErbePaul Hermes
Show Me Vizsla Club2008-10-18 OGD 4 8Bob ErbeJan Erbe
Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa2008-05-03 ALGD 1 10Scott OehlKendall Brown
Show Me Vizsla Club2008-04-26 ALGD 4 11David BorgJoe Fingerlin
Show Me Vizsla Club2008-04-26 OLGD 4 13David BorgJoe Fingerlin
Hawkeye Vizsla Club2008-04-19 OGD 4 7Kelly DonhamSkip Wonnell
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2008-04-12 OLGD 1 12Deborah Fridlund-LynnTimothy Zick
Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa2006-05-06 AWD 1 5Rob TomczakDouglas R. Bruns
Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa2006-05-06 OD 1 15Tony McgraneBill Monk
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2006-04-29 AWD 1 19Gil HopperEd Tucker
Vizsla Club of Illinois, Inc.2006-03-11 AWD 1 20Douglas R. BrunsMarty Hull


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