Northern Sherman Tank

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Northern Sherman Tank

AKC Number SR69521206
Breed Vizsla
Owner(s) T Brustkern
Links: OFA, Vizsla Database
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Wisconsin Weimaraner Club2013-05-11 OD 3 9Chris SennottCarly Thompson-Martin
Northstar Weimaraner Club2013-05-09 OD 3 5Jim CourisDennis Pierce
Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa2013-05-04 OD 4 8Kevin KuiperRandy Caldwell
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2013-04-19 OD 2 12Tony McgraneVictor Barger
Hawkeye Vizsla Club2013-04-13 OD 1 8Kendall BrownBruce Bryant
Vizsla Club of America, Inc.2012-10-15 OD 2 26Albert AllenAlan Davison
Vizsla Club of Illinois, Inc.2012-09-22 OD 4 11Caleb BrysonAllison Bell
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2012-09-14 OP 2 8Allison BellSusan Oertel
Four Lakes GSP Club2012-09-07 OD 3 14Rob TomczakPhilip Rohs
GSP Club Of Lincoln2012-09-01 OP 3 15Cynthia FindleySusan Oertel
GSP Club of Nebraska2012-08-25 OP 1 13Bob ErbeTania Campbell
Vizsla Club of Illinois, Inc.2012-06-09 AWP 4 10Kent HarterJulie Harter
Vizsla Club of Illinois, Inc.2012-06-09 AWD 1 10Julie NelsonTom Jagielski
Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa2012-05-05 OP 2 5Terry HawkinsJarrett Bell
Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa2012-05-05 AWD 2 5Randy RathmanJarrett Bell
Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa2012-05-05 OD 3 6Terry HawkinsAllison Bell
Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa2012-05-05 AWP 1 8Randy RathmanAllison Bell
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2012-04-27 OP 1 5Arthur ArmbrustJim Douglass JR
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2012-04-20 OP 3 8Thomas LococoBill Elliott
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2012-04-14 OP 4 10Paul HowardChris Sennott
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2012-03-24 OP 2 8Chris BenskinKevin Kuiper


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